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  • darrick.sprenger darrick.sprenger Aug 20, 2009 2:51 PM Flag

    people bash fgp well thank you for helping my profits 10 to 19 is 9 kaching

    Congrats! Well done. Did you know you could have been in NRGP and more than doubled your investment with a higher distrubution. It would have cost a little more to get into NRGP but you have to pay a premium for quality and higher future growth potential. I'm not saying you did anything wrong just wanted to be sure you were aware that during the same period you could have put yourself in a better position. Good luck with your future investments. Hey, take a look at AT&T. It has a good dividend currently 6.5% at its current price levels and it doesn't have the K1 issues that come with owning MLP's like FGP and NRGP.

    Who's bashing FGP?? What people?? Are these Customers, Employees, Ex-employees, Competitors, Wall Street Analyst? Please provide some support for your statement! Please help me and others learn how bashing FGP would improve your share price? I'm still a little green. I've only been investing for 25 years. I've always believed share price was based on the product, margins, overall strength of the company, including it's employees, financials, receivables, and potential for future growth. Please enlighten everyone on your post. Or are you just tring to pump and dump?

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    • <<I'm still a little green. I've only been investing for 25 years.>>

      LOL. I am even greener...only investing for 29 years and having the stoopididity to get out of the market in early Sept 2008. I guess I am stoopid, because I like FGP at this level.

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      • I drastically reduced exposure in from July 2008 to about mid Dec., while most kept investing with blind 401K's...etc...I had my $$ on side line except for a select few stocks. So while most lost half their retirement...etc...I was in damage control mode. And now it's paying off. Maybe lost 10% while most lost 50% or more. So if you good at math that's 40% more money I'm playing with at the lower stock price levels. As for stupid that's is making a statement without having good basis and fact to back it up.

        I have been watching the FGP price and I passed at 12 level so I sure won't buy at 19 or 20. Dead money in my opinion. However, I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again. I'd love to see the stock price for FGP go to 35 or 40 a share. But the numbers to which I have access don't warrant such levels. What numbers are you looking at? I'm not sure why it's past $12.50 at this point.

        What are your business reasons for wanting to buy FGP at these levels?

        What makes you want to take the risk on FGP and their current management team?

        Being in the market 29 years you know past performance is no indication of future performance. Please don't taqke this wrong I'm not disrespecting your opinion. I just like to base my decisions on good solid fact. Why not go with T, GE, or even WMI. I think all are better in short and long term. T is still creating new solid products. GE got caught in the financial mess as did most companies in the past economic environment. But GE has a solid future because of their diversification across many industries. WMI, one man's trash is another man's treasure. I'm not pumping these stocks, just providing so options for what I could purchase. I like to know that the car I'm looking at buying actually has something of value under the hood. I just don't see that with this company numbers or management.

        FGP has had almost 1 million residential customers for the past 10 years. They have acquired smaller companies to assist in gaining customers, and invested in technology to improve operations, but they have not experienced significant growth. I listened to the last con. call and Mr. Ferrell made a comment about how the shorts will soon pay. That was just before the run in the stock price. I recall my thought at the time was, one I can't believe he just said that and two run your business and the stock price will reflect your results. I didn't hear one thing from the call that made me want to purchase the shares. Maybe the business is doing better and the stock price does in fact reflect the operations?

        I requested a annual report from FGP some months back using their new internet site so I could better understand their direction and they failed to provide the information, or responded to the request. That shows a complete lack of responsiveness. If they won't respond to a potential investor, how do they respond to their customers. If you invest in FGP or any other stock the numbers, facts and management strength should be you guide. All you said was that you like FGP at this level. WHY?

    • thank you will look at the stock you mentioned 1 stock that i have made money is npd 7percent div chinas largest pharmacy golmand sachs owns 20 million shares looking for a 2 bagger here

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