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  • angel0612000 angel0612000 Aug 19, 2009 4:39 PM Flag

    people bash fgp well thank you for helping my profits 10 to 19 is 9 kaching

    going back to 22 and taking money off the table have a stop at 17

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    • Congrats! Well done. Did you know you could have been in NRGP and more than doubled your investment with a higher distrubution. It would have cost a little more to get into NRGP but you have to pay a premium for quality and higher future growth potential. I'm not saying you did anything wrong just wanted to be sure you were aware that during the same period you could have put yourself in a better position. Good luck with your future investments. Hey, take a look at AT&T. It has a good dividend currently 6.5% at its current price levels and it doesn't have the K1 issues that come with owning MLP's like FGP and NRGP.

      Who's bashing FGP?? What people?? Are these Customers, Employees, Ex-employees, Competitors, Wall Street Analyst? Please provide some support for your statement! Please help me and others learn how bashing FGP would improve your share price? I'm still a little green. I've only been investing for 25 years. I've always believed share price was based on the product, margins, overall strength of the company, including it's employees, financials, receivables, and potential for future growth. Please enlighten everyone on your post. Or are you just tring to pump and dump?

    • Hey Derrick...don't act like a neutral observer...If I remember right, you were let go from Ferrellgas a few years back, so your opinion on buying FG is not really valid. LET IT GO MAN!

    • Let what go? I am neutral. As for my opinion not being valid, I could, but won't for you, provide the names of five people at FGP I demonstrated my process too one January. Yes, for an entire month. They saw me make about $11,000 that month, with my investments. I told them what stock I was buying, the price and the number of shares, when I made purchases. I also told them when I was selling it. Two of those individuals are managers. Does that make my opinion valid? Hater!

      Why do you care that I am having this exchange with investors who read message boards to invest? Investing is about selecting the best company for a return on your investment dollars. It's really simple, for most, but obviously a mystery to you. Keep doing your 8 to 5 thing, that's where you belong.

      Here's a challange, should you have the guts to accept it. Honestly, compare the two companies that we have been discussing, FGP and NRGP and tell me which one you would select and rationally support your answer with numbers! Let's see if your opinion is valid! Do that and I will listen. Don't do it and your just another boob, who will always be poor and working for someone else. Don't give me the company line off the website, either. That's just P/R fluff in my book and has no real value.

      I have been trying to get anyone to explain to me the benefits of investing in one company over the other. I have invested in NRGP in the past because it is clearly a better company in my eyes. Those who are at FGP and saw my system at work may likely invest their dollars in NRGP, while they are working at FGP. That must really burn you. It's about personal choice, in a free market.

      So far everyone challanged to support FGP over NRGP has failed. A near 10% return is a joke in my book, so be sure to back your answer up with cold hard facts, if you can. Let's be clear this is not personal in anyway, it's business. If you think it's personal you are wrong, period.

      I am a little suprised. Your upset because I'm willing to look at investing in FGP. Why would this upset you? Don't you like FGP? Are you afraid people will invest in FGP? Man, do something constructive with your life. Make some money! It's fun.

      True, I was let go after years of service. During that time I earned several promotions. But it's important to understand I was let go due to "Business Reasons", not performance. I have no grudge against FGP. Actually just the opposite. I'm gratefull for the opportunity I earned with them, the experience, and the salary I earned. Much of that salary is being used today in my investments. What did you do with yours? Why are you placing FGP at risk with such a comment about my previous employment? Are you aware of the legal consequences of such a comment, on FGP and you? You just discussed my employment with the outside world, without my permission. You also mislead that my opinion had no value. You did read the warning before posting, did you not! "Do not assume you are anonymous when posting to Yahoo! Message Boards". I'll have to think about what I'm going to do with this one outside this board. As you may have heard I like to make money, and I have many tools I use to do just that.

      If your an employee at FGP, I would think FGP could find better trained employees, capable of sound independent thought. They may want to even hire people that know how to make money! But I won't hold my breath. If your not an employee, I think you should let everyone here know because your making FGP look bad with your, hater post. If you are an employee please provide support. Otherwise your just a putz!

    • That is laughable, Darrick, that you were fired by Ferrellgas, and now you're trying to act like you know what you're talking about. You probably copied and pasted about half of what you posted.

      Quit posting so you don't end up sounding dumber that you already do.

      I should have known when you asked these two dumbass questions:

      "What are your business reasons for wanting to buy FGP at these levels?"
      --Pretty simple really, they've paid $.50/quarter since going public in '94, approaching 60 straight quarters.

      "What makes you want to take the risk on FGP and their current management team?"
      --You ask this as if there's a problem with their management team (I guess they actually had a BIG problem with you), I heard they had another record year, that'd be their 4th in the past 5 years.

      Let's summarize Darrick, $.50/quarter forever, and records year after year. Yeah, terrible management team and stock to own.

      Shut up and go back to playing Wall St, the board game that is.

    • <<<I should have known when you asked these two dumbass questions:>>

      LOL. Yeah, that and thinking a 10% distribution is "a joke". What a joke is, is money in the bank earning a Bernanke 0% interest.

      10% beats the market average return by a long shot. I'll take 10%.

      And the slippery slope arguement...FGP or NRGP. Why can't they BOTH be holdings? I do not have to pick one or the other.

    • Keep making stuff up, it really helps your case. I never said terrible management or made a comment about their management or anyone else for that matter. You people are to negative for me.

      Where did I say that? Where did you get that? I know what they are tring to accomplish but have no feeling if they are going to get it done. Again just to be sure you don't misread or misunderstand as you did in you last post, this is often about people numbers and not quality people. If you understand my meaning and I doubt that you will.

      I see the $.50/per quarter, did you see the .$78 per quarter at NRGP or the .84 at APU? Do you think fgp will bump or give a boost to the $.50. Or do they just keep adding new units and use any improved results to pay at the same level.

      Since you seem to know everything I thought you may be able to shed some light on it. For you must be all knowing.

      Check this link out if you want. It compares NRGP, APU and FGP over the past year;range=1y;compare=apu+nrgp;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

      Buy the way your attitude could use a bit of an adjustment. And the language, really shows your a class act. I'll stop here because your attention span appears to be somewhat lacking.

    • whoa - darrick.spr ... you're posting like your opinion actually means something to those of us on this message board . I wish now I hadn't taken the time to read your posts - because they don't mean squat to me .. I LIKE 10% which FGP has paid for sometime now ... and by the way, I've been in the market since before you were in diapers ....

    • That's great. I'm happy that your happy with 10 percent. For your investment objectives that may very well be the rite choice. I have not stated an opinion other than this stock is not for me at this time. That seems to be enough to upset people.

      Sorry if I upset you with other options and discussions. It may be upsetting to see that you could have done better with your investment choices.

      However, you could have done worse as well. No one here on this board, where my opinion doesn't matter, was intelligent enough to point out that fact. It seems everyone is so defensive and interested in personal attacks they can't look at this objectively. That's so sad and dangerious.

      I'm not eliminating this as a future investment, by any means. I just need to see some significant improvement in the numbers. Improvement reflective of organic growth, customer retention and debt reduction. If they manage to do that I'll take another serious look.

      Wow at 71 you appear to have eveything under control. Good for you. Thanks for the cheap shot. It tells me everything I need to know about you.

    • good bye darrick.spr ...and good luck to you too.. There's a lot of support for FGP on this board - because they pay a decent return ... and if you think you can do better, well, have at it - but slamming them because you've got a grudge doesn't cut it with most of us ....

    • Too hell with bashers. FGP has been good to me...good returns on tax deferred income. If you like FGP, you will like EEP and DPM.

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