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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Mar 15, 2011 1:18 PM Flag

    Two things to consider

    I did not make sense to me why FGP would go down 10% at the open. So, I took a chance and bought some $22.50 calls when the stock was around $24.85. This should work well for me. And to think that 3 weeks ago, I was considering writing some covered calls. Life is funny.

    I am a bit confused about the offerring. Why would someone buy into it. Is not the offerring for "common units" the same thing that you can buy on the open market? Why pay over 26 bucks when the stock price is $25.30 or thereabouts? Or am I missing something, I probably need to study up a little more on Limited Partnerships in general. Of course, if the market price rises to meet the offerring in the next couple of days, then I should be looking at about a 100% gain on the calls.

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    • I got frustrated, and finally exercised them. Sold half the shares, will let the other half run.

      I suspect that the seller is not covered, so he/she now has a short position. And I learned a lesson, and made a nice chunk of cash for my trouble.

      This stock is working well for me, although I still have a lot of concerns.

    • <<The trading in them is very illiquid, but still, a good investment. >>

      LOL...yeah, I know. I traded FGP options _once_. They are very illiquid. Nothing like being right and having no one to trade with!!! Good luck.

    • Yea I was kind of wondering about that myself. usually in a offering, they set the price well below what it is trading at. Although it was trading higher before the announcement. In effect the announcement brought it down, but why didi it drop below the offering price?

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      • <<<In effect the announcement brought it down, but why didi it drop below the offering price? >>>

        Market conditions. They picked the absolute worst day to announce and commence a secondary, IMO.

        We know that MLP's do secondary's periodically...that is life. But, geebus, FGP's luck with this one was pretty bad. Nice price action on Monday, announce secondary, and Tuesday the world markets all it was a double whammy downdraft for FGP. It'll recover though. The nice distribution will lure buyers.

      • Again, my opinion only here, I may be missing something, but here goes:

        One, I believe the general market selloff contributed today, just not sure why FGP got hit as hard as it did.

        Two, unless they can get this stock up in the next few days, I simply do not understand how they are going to get anyone to buy the new units.

        Three, you are correct in that many companies actually do secondary offerrings at a lower price than market. Also, the failure of this may not be a totally bad thing, although I am not privy to the insider workings of FGP, so that is just speculation on my part. Only time will tell.

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