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  • ggray1956 ggray1956 Dec 13, 2010 10:03 AM Flag


    We still have the same CEO...and that means we may be back at the low 4's if they do not make a larger offer soon. Comments?

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    • Agreed. No doubt they will fight any takeover, and send shares plunging back to the $4.00 level.

    • No possible chance that we will see $4's.

      THC knows that they HAVE to sell, just trying to get the best price.

      Community will likley give up $7+ for them. Zero percent chance that a deal does not happen.

    • georgespelvin Dec 13, 2010 11:01 AM Flag

      Tenet is not Yahoo. Tenet will be acquired. I do not know a lot about acquisitions but I do not think tender offers are the norm even though they do happen. I dont know why. Perhaps someone here does.

      As for value, I think THC would be more valuable in CYH's hands. I think there should be a good case if they were to rid themselvs of THC C level mgt to shirk government oversight. Plus where they are in same markets they could close down marginal sites and in any case bargain better with payers.

      I have a feeling that CYH knew that the C level execs at THC were not going to sell for any price without the clamor of the shareholders and that is why they went public.

      These guys at THC are supposed to represent the shareholders. It is hard to make a case for that given their SMU/NCAA-like behavior and their refusal to turn it over to people who can return value to the shareholders.

      Valuing THC is not as fanciful as valuing something like Yahoo. Yahoo becomes more valuable if it is not Yahoo, which is to say there is no way Yahoo can be more valuable than Yahoo unless it were Google...but it's not. But THC is more of a commodity business. You can compare it to its competitors and you can make a strong case for good mgt improving things.

      I thin if these guys do not sell they will face shareholder litigation.

    • Weak deal so far-
      CYH should have bought 15% in the open market,
      filed Hart-Scott and tendered for at least 51%.
      I think they are trying to tee up and embarres Trevor-
      I'm not sure their current approach will work for an aquisition-Watch Trevor
      try a poison pill!!

    • Yes, $4 is possible but I don't think it's likely because the cat's out of the bag now with the $6+ offer in hand. Low 6s are more likely for lows, high 6s to 7s and maybe ven 8s for highs. The Community offer has basically established a minimum value and Tenet's rejection of it--plus the volume-- has cemented that.

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