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  • jcbrowns jcbrowns Oct 23, 2009 11:05 PM Flag

    Controlled Inflation is a GOOD thing!

    A debtor nation such as the USA is much better off if we print dollars like they are going out of style. It is the quickest most humane manner of reducing and eliminating our national debt. In addition to eliminating our debt, it will make us more competitive in world markets. Asset inflation is 1000 times better than asset deflation. When will the average person begin to realize this?

    Asset inflation will certainly be a plus for Taseko.

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    • You must really like Zimbabwe. Mugabe's rule has been characterized by economic mismanagement and hyperinflation -- they print tons of money there.

    • Mr. Brown,
      While your absolutely correct about paying the debt with candy wrappers, the other side of the coin needs to be examined.
      The wages and profits people make will also be in candy wrappers, and won't buy anything. I don't see employeers rushing out to give their people raises. So you get a depression anyway. Gold will seem outragiously priced, but gold only reflects the true value of your own currency.

      Until our government expolts the hardship clauses in our trade treaties, and withdraws from them. We are and will be screwed into total 3rd world poverty. Industry has to come back home to put people to work, and reduce our trade deficit while generating taxes to pay for government. We need to focus on developing the shale oil, and tar sand deposits of Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Becoming enegery independant should be a major goal. That alone will solve most of our out flow of money to the tune of $500 million dollars per day at the current price of crude. The electric car, and hybred do nothing for American workers, and increase our trade deficit just like oil. You've got to face the future with the resources in your own backyard if you want to have a future. The USA is blessed beyond any other country with oil, coal, and minral resources. Yet we bye brand X from China with money we printed yesterday.

    • Could be like an controlled forest fire-- sometimes it gets away from you, out of control...

    • If it was gonna work it should at least be startin' by now. Help this "average joe" out, tell me how much have we reduced debt by borrowing, so far? How much more do we need to borrow to totally eliminate national debt?lolol What a load...frog

    • What you say is only true if the debtor nation does not expect to sell any more paper in the future.


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