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    • Boca, how about you and I go on a 50+ cum-by-yaa postings run, at the end of which, one of us looses our frigging mind and screams out "PIG PEOPLE!!!" I'm sure we could lure Bud and Ed into some meaningless dribble.
      Pig Boy's post was one of the funniest things I've seen on this board. I immediately viewed his messages to see where he'd been, that spun him up so much and found Bud and Ed participating. (The usual suspects.) I'm surprised we didn't read about him slitting his wrists after that outpouring. I'm sure you were amused/amazed by the response.

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      • sounds good , Jenny !

      • Another piece of news which may interest people on this board who are investing in commodities is as you all know that China has sold $40Billions of US short term treasury in the past two months whenever dollar hit its peak, the only time when people like to buy the dollar based assets is when dollar hit its high, and bought minerals gold whenever Dollar hit its high in Feb and you can buy more when the value of dollar is high , and today you see copper hit $3.37 again. That is why in the past few days you see gold, and commodities all decouple with dollar, i.e, when dollar went up, both gold and commodities all go up together. In the next few months, you will see BDI goes up, because these bough commodities need to be delivered.

      • Well, you guys on this board likes to speculate if China will continue buying minerals big time in the coming years, almost every one or two days, I saw one of two posts in that topic. Well, I just post something, sure CNN or CNBC, FOX will not let you know, what is happening in the other half of the world and that China will continue to import , not just next year, but for the next twenty years all kinds of minerals for economic development,of course , that includes copper and Gold, and that is not coming from my mouth, but the official of Australian central bank.

    • Australian central bank official: China's economic expansion will continue for 20 years At 14:37 on February 18, 2010 China News Net

      From the most difficult to "extremely difficult" to bypass the financial turmoil of the "Cape of Good Hope," the Chinese economy in the past year, walked the streets of impressive. In 2009, the new century, China's economy has been the most difficult year. Internal and external occasion, the State to act decisively for the first time since the implementation of reform and opening up the "double loose" fiscal and monetary policies, have launched ten industrial revitalization plan, has seven times raised export tax rebates, and vigorously stimulate consumption, a series of "increased security" policy measure the full intensity. China news agency hair Well Wei She

      BEIJING, February 18 Xinhua comprehensive report, Reserve Bank of Australia Assistant Governor Roy said that China's economic expansion will continue for 20 years, Australia's economy will benefit.

      He said the demand generated by China's infrastructure is still strong, and the benefit of the Australian economy; but he remains concerned about China's property market.

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