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  • retaoba retaoba Jul 2, 2010 1:10 PM Flag

    Are you an Investor or Speculator?

    Just curious as to who is who on here?
    Seems to be alot of speculators posting.
    Nothing wrong with that, but you should know who you are.

    If you are long on TGB, and you purchases at any point below, say $3.75, I would say your long term outlook is very rosy. If you purchased under say $4.75, and the market and world economy return to normal in 3-5 years, you should book some decent profits as well.

    If you are a speculator / trader, then you are in a much more precarious situation. But, whatever is going to happen short term is already pre-dertermined, and you have already placed your bets or closed your position and are just waiting now to see if you are correct. Will you get a nice profit or a calculated loss?

    Either way, the market is fun to watch, yes?

    And so much more interesting than a boring multinational conglamerate stock to watch week to week. No guarantees anywhere these days, only risk vs reward. And a little excitement if you pick a fun stock. And TGB IS a fun stock.

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    • Geeze you and your reality posts here...Keep up the good work.

    • Both. An investment in TGB has to be considered both a speculative and potential investment for the next several months.

    • Well, I own TGB mostly for the potential upside with the prosperity project. Otherwise, I'm not really all that crazy about owning a small, marginal copper miner. Not to mention the fact I'm not all that bullish on copper as a metal given the likelihood of a double-dip recession/China slowdown. I know TGB has hedges in place, but when copper prices fall, copper miners will fall right along with it as we have witnessed. So put simply, there is no way I would be willing to be a significant chunk of my personal wealth on a copper miner at this point. Without prosperity, I wouldn't bother owning TGB.

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      • I partially agree. Much of the value is in prosperity. However, while TGB maybe a small copper concern, it is not a marginal one. And while the short term outlook for copper is murky, (1-3 years) the longer term outlook I believe is still strong. Unless you believe a precipitious event will cause a global collapse or global population decline. I also would not put "a significant chunk" (say over 10%) of my wealth in any one investment right now.

    • Many of us are speculators at times and long term investors at other times. There are times when it's easy to speculate and make some fast money due to stock specific circumstances or market specific circumstances. There are other times when I like to hold equities for 12 to 36 months or more if the market conditions and individual stock conditions warrant that approach. In today's market as fast as news, conditions and sentiment change I think the old buy and hold no matter what mentality can be very dangerous. There are times the market volatility is so bad I like to head to the sidelines and preserve my capital so I live to fight another day.

      I think the real mad money is made by speculators who buy stocks like TGB when they are at $.75 and hold through $4.

      "Investors" generally don't buy sub $5 stocks so in general they don't make the kind of mad money the best speculators make. There's nothing wrong with buying a stock like TGB at $3.50 and holding it for three to five years but the "easy" money is made by the sharpies that find a stock like this when it's $.50 per share.

      My $.02 for what it's worth.

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      • jamaleco Jul 2, 2010 2:11 PM Flag

        The brutal fact of the market is that no stock is totally safe from wild speculations.

        All the principal factors to buy a stock are found in TGB:

        Secured assets
        Knowledgeable management
        No competitors
        Rising revenues and profits
        Excellent cash position
        Excellent development capital
        Safe holding country
        Proved accomplishment records
        Verifiable semi-public data

        I'd like to hear from anyone posting negative comments what is false with the above assessment. If none is found they may consider holding their breath.

      • I agree with everything you just said bill....

        I am not advocating buy and put and put your head and the sand and hold investing.

        I did not buy TGB at $00.75. Wish I did though! I have some stocks that I consider speculative shorter term. TGB is kind of a straddle.

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