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  • joedamodio joedamodio Jul 7, 2010 1:31 PM Flag

    fed panel people are all business folks

    TGB will get approved by the Federal panel based on the fact that all the Fed board members are pro-business folks.
    They are all pretty much conservatives and are not going to let a few fish and some Indians get in the way of a billions of dollars. are the fish or Indians, payong people's bills? I think not.

    The approval will go through and TGB will climb to $8.50 near term and $12 a year from now, based on current gold prices, mine start-up costs, etc.
    good luck longs. enjoy today. the slow and steady climb has begun.

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    • Don't know you much; just seen a few posts from you. Assume your intentions are as pure as either the driven snow or the yellow snow - but, if you really mean the Federal Panel well they're the ones who issued that wonderful report (which wasn't nearly as bad as the executive summary).

      My question to you would be who are the 'Feds' (we'll use the term board members since that's whay you use in the second reference) that you say are making the decision and are 'pro-business folks'" I have this very nervous habit of seeking actual facts and information rather than general statements which say nothing really.

      FWIW I can't believe that the PM himself isn't or won't be involved in this decision. The implications of BC Province and the Feds being at each other's throats over something as significant as this project has to mean that the PM will be involved (along with his Minister of the Environment) and other influential cabinet members.

      But, this decision will come from on high.

      Anyway, back to my question - please tell us who you think the 'board members' are who are 'pro-business', conservatives and will approve this.

      BTW - I hope you're right, even if your nomenclature is off a tad.

    • Who specifically will make the final decision ?

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