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  • conjerak33 conjerak33 Jun 9, 2011 6:33 PM Flag

    Over-reacting morons!

    Wish there were more people here with a little more intelligence!

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    • }}}TGB is not for the faint of heart investor.{{{

      Indeed it is not.

      "The Minister of Propaganda" seems to have hit the cheap stuff, $3 Chuck, and mixed up trainfrog, you and me. bo even though I don't necessarily agree with your politics I think I do agree with you on TGB.

      I'll take you off Iggy and try not to have a stroke when you start a political rant......

    • <<Meanwhile TGB is not for the faint of heart investor.
      I always await your latest updates opposed to much of the absurd banter on this forum.>>

      ahh, the gospel of the frogger, i love it. so why did you miss, or did you not listen to the c.c.? our great leader is actually talking to the haida ?

      according to you my friend, nothing will ever be accomplished by this management, nothing.

      hey it is friday night, the canucks won the game, the wine is flowing and the women look great, including my wife ( wonder where she is )

      if everybody would think like you, nothing at all would have been accomplished in a thousand years, and you would still belong to the IRA lol.
      not that i don't respect your views, it is just, i see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you are still in it...
      you you still harp about IVN at 23.00 bucks, yet when the smoke clears. they hardly will own anything in mongolia.
      i hope you keep smiling, but i will be laughing all the way to the bank..albeit not next

    • Fog , if ms Clark can break through the stonewalls of Ottawa, you might be cashing in on Guinness this Autumn.... The issue on Teztan Biny per se was the sticking point , and the new proposal resolves that one ....but there is always the possibility of trouble over some new factor....Meanwhile TGB is not for the faint of heart investor.
      I always await your latest updates opposed to much of the absurd banter on this forum.

    • If Cu production increases at a higher ratio the by-product credit will be less/lb (all other factors being equal)

      Q1 baseline
      Cu sold...........17m lb
      Mo sold...........308.5k lb
      Recovery rate.....36.7%
      Ore grade.........0.013 (55% above rom)
      Mo/Cu ratio.......1.81%

      Estimates LOM Phase 3
      Cu sold...........180m lb
      Mo sold...........2.2m lb
      Recovery rate.....none given/found (est 42-45%)
      Ore grade.........0.08

      You truly picked a tough comp for yourself John. Q1 saw Mo grades 55% that of rom. Couple that with a serious miss in sales/production and ratios are very skewed. These are the numbers you decide to double or triple and subtract from a non-growing Cu figure. Making decision based on this could lead to serious surprise. I have no need to be right but it makes me nuts to not be understood. I have this belief that I should be able to explain what I know to be true. How dumb is that? Some will see, some won't. Oh well if this helps anyone I'm glad. It's made me crazy...A short trip backward...some would say...Either way I feel subject worn out from this end...good fortunes all...frog

    • Bo I think your bet is safe for the foreseeable future. But just in case keep a few $$ handy to buy the Guiness.

    • Hi fog..So am I ....When - (and if )Prosperity ever approves ...I'll buy the Guiness

    • <<All I know for sure is any increase in Moly production will bring an outsized benefit to the bottom line.>>

      the new moly circuit is starting to make a huge difference in recovery, which was horrible, about 20% or so, that will double at least, or better, and WILL make a difference imo.

    • Retaoba so that we are on the same page.

      Using Q1 as a base.
      Cu sales 17m/Mo sales .3085m. Mo/Cu or 1.81%. Estimates for Phase 3 2.2m Mo/180m Cu or 1.22%.

      As this seems to illustrate target ratio for Mo/Cu production will drop. If you cut this by 75% to 0.91%, you have cut ratio in two compared to Q1 2011. I don't see cost savings of any kind due to increase in rev from Mo sales at these lower levels.

      Even if they never hit their numbers but ratios are close there will be no positive effect on cost of production. There will in fact be a 1/3 to 1/2 decrease in by-product credit for Mo. gltu...frog

    • I did not mean 75% higher Moly production, I meant 75% of what their projected increase mOLY would be.

      Not sure any numbers mean anything right now, but if we extroplate Q-1 production to this year, assuming no ioncreases at all, it would be 316,500 lbs x 4.

      CU would be 19.2 million pounds x 4.

      I assume they can do better (insert wry smile).

      In their report they said :

      "After the completion of GDP3, the Gibraltar ore body will be capable of supporting....production capacity of 180 million pounds of copper and 2.2 million pounds of molybdenum. The 4.3 billion pounds of recoverable copper will sustain operations at Gibraltar over the next 27 years at the increased production capacity levels which are anticipated to be achieved by 2013."

      Whether thay can come close to these numbers is the 64 dollar question, and who knows what the ratio of CU to Moly would be? If it is a true by product I assume there is a ratio range we could use for the deposit. (And as a by product it would add marginally to production costs, but will be adding significantly to by product credits, especially if the price of Moly goes up long term as many anticipate.)

      All I know for sure is any increase in Moly production will bring an outsized benefit to the bottom line.

      Sorry about the tire joke, you are correct, weather and tires are losing their humor value....

    • johnlach Jun 10, 2011 12:52 PM Flag

      buy always under 4080 love it

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