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  • avegasdude777 avegasdude777 Aug 29, 2011 2:32 PM Flag

    'P'lea'ZZZ'zzze... ZZZzzz...

    Actually this raises more questions than it answers...

    Despite being long the Jan$2.50's and enjoying a nice bump, I'm just curious..

    1. Is that Franco deal still valid now the parameters have changed...? Was there an expire/kill clause? I'd be happy to drive a stake through it's heart....

    2. Anybody check to see who owns it? How is that court case going...?

    3. Why in the world would this deserve a pop like this? Didn't they acept the last proposal before they killed it as the 'worst proposal ever'...?

    Look I don't wanna pee in anybody's cereal... but we've seen this before... what's changed??? The lake stays? With a giant Pit Mine right next to it? Anybody check with the 'F'n Fish Psychologist' for comment on how the blasting/mining will affect/traumatize the sacred F'n Trout...??? Anybody check with Yogi and Boo-Boo for the Grizzely Position...???

    It's like the Big Aley Bump... aka Goosebump... it jumps when you goose it with news, but unless you trade these ups and downs... your relying on A LOT OF STARS THAT HAVE TO ALIGN PERFECTLY FOR P TO EVER FLY...

    I've changed my odds on 'P' ever happening in my life... from 100 to 1 down now to 50 to 1...

    I put no faith in the current management, they can't make any $ on $4 copper even IF THEY GET IT ON THE BOAT... sorry... Navigating 'P' is a tall order for a company who cn't get the ore on the boat profitably... if at all...

    I said over two years ago here I was only in it for the gold... now gold is almost double what it was.... yet even in the light of this news... my best reaction is still ZZZzzzz...

    I sold Capital gold when Gammon got them... then I sold Gammon before the became Aurico(AUQ)... Now they just bought NXG out for a nice bump that I also sold today... may look at AUQ if it gets cheap now... point is 'profit-taking'...

    TGB will be up and down a Zillion times before you hear ANYTHING definitive on P from Canada... and I may trade call/put positions along the way.... but I won't invest, and will stay neutral on TGB till I hear from the F'N Indians how they are 'looking forward to working with TGB to get P done' and e'njoying the properity/jobs it will mean'...

    ... too much to ask...?



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    • Correction on specified # of Intrepid Mines shares. Now at a whopping 522.3 mil

      yesterday traded a meager 10,000 shares

      any of you buy Interpid when it was just a few cents per share?-if you did and made gobs of money selling much higher, congratulations

      new to posting here but have read posts for quite some time

      only germane refelction on TGB--one has to wonder what the real motives are of someone who evidently put so much effort into trying to discredit a critic of Takeso management in an odd way, by referencing another stock, though one thing they share in common is that both have copper and gold assets in the ground- the mine in Indonesia,although it seems that Intrepid is still only drilling exploratory holes, one might guess, won't have the regulatory hurdles Taseko continues to face with the Prosperity holding

      just my thoughts

    • You sound like another TGB employee monitoring the postings for persons justifiably critical of TGB mgt.

      As for IAUFF, the fact is when the 'caution" (as opposed to telling people to sell-your mischaracterization alone!)was given, the stock did NOT double from there- it went from approximately 1.46 to a very temporary high of 2.53, and on BIGTIME volume. And todays' volume after more than a 40% drop from it's high? Presently 6500 shares on an average volume of only about twice that. Also, some posters/IAUFF shareholders at the time were expressing 'visions of sugar plums, one person opining that he was going to experience a "10 bagger" profit. Unfortunately for him, that did not eventuate.

      The stock earlier in 2008 was trading one time around a nickel.

      It was 'pushed' on the NBR in October, 2009, by Hans Black at circa .32. It then dropped to around .20, recovered some back near the original recommendation price, then headed north.

      Those are the ACCURATE facts, 'new poster.' Aka, 'internal management booster and diehard defender TGB CEO?

    • There were fully logical reasons, and so stipulated, for investors to be cautious about Intrepid Mines. And do note that since the fleeting high circa 2.50, it has now dropped below 1.50!
      One can rarely call a top in a small stock, but the fact remains it had run up on lots of hype from circa .20 in late 20009, early 2010 to the 2.50 level. And that for a company with not all that much in cash reserves (than around $30 mil!) but something like 450 million shares!

      I made $ on it, originally buying in at .34. Did you?

    • }}}}never new, the neanderthals made it to N.A.{{{{

      GJ you need to check you English grammar and spelling.

      Even if you use it spell check doesn't catch all the errors.....lolo

    • they have been milling between 55 and 60 all month, watched a show on human evolution last night, never new, the neanderthals made it to

    • Dude from my point of view I didn't intend a warm welcome, to a new and angry poster.

      Would you like a cookie would that make you feel better?

      Have a nice evening and a better tomorrow.

    • Thank you for the warm welcome.

      But not to allow myself to appear too pleasant, I'll offset it with a remark garnered from a quick search of namigirl1984 and henry_jiricek. I found that pair supporting one another on a different stock board (IAUFF.PK) where they were cautioning people to sell and take a profit and not risk hanging on to it. They must be regular good Samaritans floating from board to board with their message of "Sell with a tiny profit" or "Don't stay in because it's just too risky".

      Namigirl1984 starts the thread off entitled "A bit of caution?"
      and is joined soon after by henry_jiricek.

      Anyway, I know and care nothing of the other stock they were "saving the investors" from future gains in. But the stock doubled (it was a penny stock), within a month of the angels of fear visiting them. Would that we should be so lucky.

      They were posting there in Oct. 2010 see what happened by Nov. 2010.

    • The TC board is pretty quiet and not particularly political like this and other boards.

      I think TC will do well as Mt. Milligan comes closer to production.

      And no earlier I was not kidding I was being sarcastic.

    • Thanks for pointing towards TC. Looks interesting. Some smart people over there on the boards. I didn't see any of your posts?

    • You are such a pleasant person.

      Welcome to the board, we look forward to more of your brilliant posts......

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