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  • fountain123_45 fountain123_45 Dec 7, 2011 9:23 AM Flag

    TGB, First Nations, Prosperity, BC, Canada and the Courts

    >>>>At this juncture, the First Nations representatives speaking for fee interests in the land (including developmental rights) sound very much like the individuals protesting at occupy Wall Street.<<<<<<

    I agreed with your post till you ranted about Occupy Wall Street. At that point it sounded like a rant from The Fat Boy with a Cigar, using Oxycotene and going to the Islands for flings, talk show host. Why do you bring in American politics into a Canadian problem. Republicans have no credibility, and any time I see a post blaming OWS for wanting fairness in American system I think another Brainwashed Rightwinger. These fools will also blame Natural Disasters on President Obama and Democrats.

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    • Hey moron: You should post your BS elsewhere. You can't possibly own shares of this company (or any other for that matter), for that would be exercising a free market practice. Your guy, Obama, says the free market has NEVER worked. So, why not go to a left-wing web site and converse with those who agree with your; or go occupy a cow pie or something like the good maggot you no doubt are.

    • I do not agree with your characterization of my post. But that's O.K.; constitutionally we have such rights in democracies, whether it is the U.S. or Canada.

      The comments you reference to did not refer to politics or a specific U.S. issue (e.g., OWS (or a similar cause) is international). The OWS "analogy" was nothing more than that, an analogy. The analogy simply referred to legitimate constitutional rights (protesters, et. al.), land rights and court procedures. No ranting intended or posited.

      From my reading, your response had political overtones. Again, that's O.K.; everyone is entitled to a position. Not here to argue politics, so good day!

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