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  • sharkriver100 sharkriver100 Jul 25, 2013 7:19 PM Flag


    Former-First-Nations-leader-backs-Prosperity-proposal. google it

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    • Well, I hope that helps. It sure can't hurt. The anti Prosperity, anti Taseko (hey look, let's call it what it is, they are 100% against Taseko for not kowtowing to them and kissing their behinds - that is what this is REALLY about, that and the money of course) may start showing some cracks finally, now if they can just get organized enough to dilute the extortionists message, and with a favorable government finally in place now....

      We just might have a decent (25% or so) chance of a favorable ruling for TGB.

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    • I like it, but it may not be enough. the other crazy t'dishtowelquinn leaders are ready to go on the warpath over this because Gilligan (aka Rusty) has pee'ed on their teepees too many times.

      Seriously, I read the article, one lone voice of reason in cat fight that is the first nations "leadership" is probably not gonna help much. But hey, we can hope that common sense spreads like the bird flu on a JAL transoceanic flight, right? (Look, it's Friday, I can't be THAT serious....right foggie?)

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