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  • mvislong mvislong Apr 16, 2010 3:13 PM Flag

    asking such a low price?

    i guess there are allot of people hurting for cash and they have to get out of mvis to pay something off... otherwise it seems like a really bad move given the company position with impending contracts on the new engine for embedding and the announcement of the OEM's coming soon...
    feel bad there are so many being hurt by what the mortgage industry and wall street did to our nations economy...

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    • By the way, I can afford medical care anywhere in the world.

    • I would love to see competition. I would love to see the government able to negotiate drugs prices. I would love to think that our government wasn't on the take. Congress is after votes and money, yours and mine, and they are not held accountable. Elected for life and easily corrupted, they are the new super rich. Too many lobbiests to fight, too many lawyers deciding our costs and writing the bills they pass and don't understand. Health care for the last 10 years didn't do the job and was getting worse by the hour. If the new Bill fails as bad as some Americans say it will both in cost and in service, we can and will change it. Obama looks like a one term splash right now and will be if this fails. Somebody tried, finally. If he has sacraficed his political career, so what. Paying for this enormous cost is killing me like everybody else, but action was necessary. I work with medical professionals, doctors and staff and almost all agree that action was long overdue. They all find problems with the Bill, but not one of them is completely against it and most support it with reservations. The malpractice area is one of the biggest concerns not being addressed. I'm not a medical professional, but share investments with many of them. I listen and respect their opinions much more than the uneducated, foul mouthed message board, backwoods low life spitheads I occasionally run into,

    • I should of known, never match wits with an unarmed man. Serves me right.

    • Didn't I read somewhere that the high cost of health care in the US can be traced back to the AMA who controls the number of medical school graduates.
      The lower the number of doctors the higher they can charge for their services. And charge they do. The cost of health care far out runs inflation.

    • Excuse the typos in that post. It happens a lot on my iPhone.

    • Stil, here's a weird idea that would have fixed the rising healthcare costs.


      Weird, huh?

      If course you know consumers are not allowed to buy insurance from companies in other states. Insurance is a government protected olygoloply. These guys openly collude to fix prices and they all raise them together. This is a crime in any other business.

      Why didn't Obama ban this practice if he wants to help America out?

      Cause the whole purpose of rising healthcare was to get it to a point where idiot Americans would hand over their healthcare to the control of the government.'re one of those who willingly gave the government full control over your health decisions. Hope you don't get too sick, with SS melting down that death panel may decide you no longer serve a purpose to society.

    • did not intend this to be any political statement.. just a sense of regret that so many people would act corruptly, both in collusion and independently, for their own personal gain that trillions of dollars would end up flushed down the toilet because of them... I am sure that if you began to investigate the lies on the mortgage contracts and started prosecuting you would have thousands upon thousands of brokers, agents, bankers/personnel, and buyer guilty of lies and fraud... I am sure that those who sold these mortgages to other banks and investment firms and Fannie and Fredie as well as those buying them at their discounted prices would also be charged with fraud... I am sure that many of those who packaged these and sold them as high yield AAA investments and those who insured them like at AIG would be guilty of fraud.. I am sure that this fraud would lead to senators and house members of varied persuasions...

      It wasn't political, just a statement to the corrupt nature demonstrated by so many fellow countrymen in their business practices that led to the hurt of so many not even involved in their schemes.. It is certainly the single largest fraud case that I have witnessed in my life time...

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      • Thousands?

        Millions. 90% of brokers/loan officers lied on their clients' apps. 80%+ of consumers lied in their applications. I know this to be fact and it would be a piece of cake to prove.

        The govt doesn't want to put millions of hard working Americans in prison but they should put some brokers in there to set an example. They were the facilitators and they made millions in commisions.

    • Bush spent the money with Congress' approval to hide the failing economy. All smoke and mirrors to hide in inability to understand economics. Watched him kiss Arab butt in order to get oil flowing like niagra falls and even the arabs couldn't convince him that oil was plentiful and that it was GS and the big traders responsible for 150 bbl oil. He was an oil man in the White House and didn't know what was going on. Whole administration was deer in the headlights for two terms.

    • Well, I'm 69 years old. Educated in law at Temple University, Philadelphia. Worked for Boeing for 38 years. Retired at 58 with the money I made in the markets. I live on the Chesapeake Bay and looking for a second home in Florida.

    • What?

      I'd guess 100mph......right in the net.

      What does that have to do with underwriting loans?

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