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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Jun 9, 2012 11:30 AM Flag

    Something's going on

    Pokestake = con artist as well?

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    • So, do you have an opinion of what the extra space in the I-phone might be for? I think it might or might not be for a pico projector and I have explained why I think it's possible. It's not a con and it comes with no apologies to you either.

      Now all the DGL makers are going public when up until now they were silent and on top of all that Pioneer has a purchase order in to MVIS. Could it be that things are going to turn around for MVIS? Let's hope so, no?

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      • Poke, thank you for your brilliant sleuthing. This really hit home with me and here is why. Historically, every new product or major change to an existing product has been done based on the conflict and interrelationship of the three factors: supply, demand and price. You can't get the demand without getting the price down; you can't get the price down without increasing supply and you can't increase supply until you get the demand. Ergo,you start out with a top-of-the-line model priced based on available supply and anticipated demand==the smaller the supply and the more exciting the product the higher you set the price.
        This has been the story with other lines of consumer products. I am betting that the first cars with the MVIS HUD will be the Lexuses, the cadillacs, the BMWs, the Audis. Not so with smartphones. Conventional wisdom and practice is that you don't go with it until you have the demand, supply and price all worked out. This has obviously worked well for the OEMs in the past but because of the DGL aspect of the Gen2 they need to adjust to reality. No more "Call us when you can supply us with millions/mo" (in Apple's case 10's of millions per mo). If Apple were to operate on that basis it would be at least 2 years before PicoP is embedded. I think they are smarter than that and that is why I am so impressed with your analysis. I hope you are right and that the reason for it is to get the product rolling early on.
        IMHO with an initial limited supply of Gen2s Apple would be hard pressed to find a price that was too high. Early adopters in general don't mind high prices and I would think Apple early adopters in particular would have that mindset.

    • Everybodys a con artist but you, right gangrene3?

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