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  • sturocks sturocks Jun 8, 2012 8:15 AM Flag

    For the BOZOs HUD safety

    Head-Up Display.

    An optional feature in the BMW X5, Head-Up Display presents important information directly in the driver's viewing field.

    A unit in the dashboard projects the data onto the windscreen as a clear, easy-to-read image, adjusted for ambient light conditions, with a focal point just above the bonnet. The height of the display can even be adjusted so that information is always projected in the driver's optimal field of vision. Information can be read faster, and the driver's attention is never distracted from the road ahead.


    Two of the most important parts of driving are being able to see well and knowing where you're going. Head-up display technology works with both of those ideas in mind -- and it's going to change the way we see the road forever.

    The days of looking away from the road, missing a turn because you didn't understand the GPS or driving blind in the fog may soon be a thing of the past.

    Heads-up display (HUD) systems can project information on the windshield, tell you where to turn, notify you of lane markings, identify how close the car in front of you is and even give you restaurant information all right in front of your eyes -- and while you're actually able to see those objects or places.

    Believe it or not -- and yes, you should believe it -- head-up displays are not a new technology.

    from toyota

    From Continental

    Head-up Displays – Eying safety and comfort at all times


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    Car Manufacturers
    Car Manufacturers

    For questions or further information please contact us.

    Private Customers
    Private Customers

    These products are unfortunately not available for trade as replacement parts or in the aftermarket.


    You can find brochures in our download section.

    With increasing traffic congestion and information density, it is becoming increasingly important that information needed by the driver and critical to the driving situation is ideally prepared and displayed. Information should be exhibited in a manner that provides the driver with the best possible support – without any distraction. It is the goal to maximize the fun of driving.

    Our head-up display and its color-graphics illustration represent an innovative solution on how safe, comfortable and user-friendly virtual indicators can be: the eyes remain fixed on the road so that both the traffic and important information are always within the driver’s field of vision.

    The second-generation of head-up displays that we will bring to the market is fitted with state-of-the-art technologies. These head-up displays allow for larger, more detailed images and are thus optimized for use in driver assistance systems. Thanks to their more compact architecture they also take up much less space than the previous generation.

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