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  • sensibull1 sensibull1 Dec 18, 2012 12:41 PM Flag

    Our League of Gentle Basher B.M.s

    We celebrate the League and all its weary participants! The stillinshiii, the white mo flow, the bull2, the gutbag, the 'nanal, the cccuda, all working so diligently that they forgot to include the slumpy! We so appreciate the League spending every waking moment on this worthy cause, highlighting the MIND ROASTING FUTURE of this INCREDIBLE COMPANY. Why else would they be here? Cheers!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • This is good stuff Cletus. Very Funny. I have always loved slap-stick. The ridiculous is, and has always been, very funny. This League thing you have stumbled on is hilarious. The more ridiculous your posts the funnier they are. "The company's strong position", "the incredible mind roasting future"! Hilarious. Keep it up.

      Up till now people only thought you were ridiculous. But with each new post you show everyone just how to go beyond ridiculousness. You have now managed to find a format for posting which allows you to type without saying anything coherent at all. Genius!

      I'm leaving tomorrow for a week in a lovely condo up at Lake Tahoe courtesy of Microvision and the criminal activity of Tokman, so I won't be posting much before Christmas. Skiing at Squaw Valley and Northstar, apres ski in Tahoe City and a sleigh ride through the snow on Christmas Eve. You longs who have been averaging down with the shares I have been selling short have provided me and my family with a lovely Christmas and from all of us to all of you, thank you. Your money is much appreciated!! So, Cletus, to you and Lurlene I want to say a very happy Christmas and I hope 2013 brings the opportunity for you to claw back a little of your massive Microvision losses.

    • The League continues to take offense at our intended tributes! Such a surprising state of affairs is this! We honor their bedraggled efforts to highlight the INCREDIBLE, MIND ROASTING FUTURE OF MICROVISION. Why should our furry League employees mind this? They themselves affirm the company's strong position with each of their efforts!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You seem the like gentle basher....All of your comments could be perceived as bashes.

    • The League is in fine form and performing well below expectations! We have the fake expert, the fake correspondents, but where oh where is the fake slumpy? We honor the League and its diligent efforts to highlight the STARTLING SUPERIORITY and MIND ROASTING FUTURE of MicroVision's technology, as highlighted by the League's many, many posts here daily! If MicroVision wasn't an ENORMOUS THREAT to someone, why would they invest so many hours per day here? Cheers!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is very good Cletus. Your bed ridden pre-op tranny shtick was getting rather dated and I still don't know what Kroger Puffs are. This new league thingy you are using to avoid questions is much better. I'd like to read more of it.

      So, could you tell us all why you think the stock is trading a few pennies above all time lows if ANYTHING the pom-pom wavers say is true?

      There. That should open the door for you to post more nonsensical messages.

    • As we shine a gentle spotlight on the furry members of our League, they react as though they feel the heat! There's no need for defensiveness or antagonism, as we only wish to acknowledge that our League highlights the MIND ROASTING FUTURE of MicroVision each and every day! All the best!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Our League members are a crafty bunch! To hear them tell it, they are simply happy go lucky guys who happen to stop by here several times daily to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about MicroVision for no particular reason while multitasking. We'd call that a multi-tall-tale!

    • Hi Sensi!
      I'm here killing time in between DD & trading, hoping to stumble upon useable info.
      I also do surveys, surf, social networking, watch videos, and my emails in that same timeframe.
      Any more silly questions?

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