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  • poppinmoremidols poppinmoremidols Feb 17, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    What an UTTER disappointment this POS has turned out to be....

    Ask yourself this one question, if you preformed this badly in your job...would you still have one? Why is it this CEO is still here???!!!!????

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    • Why don't YOU answer this question? Lets just say that MicroVision is working with Apple, or Samsung. Do you think it would help or hurt MicroVisions business relationship with either of these companies if MicroVision were to go public with this information? Most probably it would destroy the relationship, especially with a company like Apple. Not only would it destroy the business relationship with Apple, who likes to keep everything secret up to the last second, it would discourage other companies from doing business with MicroVision out of fear that they can't keep a secret. For several years now MicroVision has had a vision that was years ahead of its time. The rest of the world is just now catching up with Microvision and today MicroVision has what everyone wants. It is only a matter of time. The delays are about at their end and the turn around is right in front of us. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who have a huge interest in seeing MicroVision fail, or at a minimum, not succeed in a huge way, as it would upset their applecart. MicroVision will succeed in a huge way and those who have been patient for the past 10 years will be hugely rewarded. See you all at the ASM this summer. Mike Powell

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      • Superb post Mike! Fifty stars... err... thumbs up!

      • You only made one miscalcuation...that MVIS is involved with Apple or your dreams.

      • I have read some apologetic rubbish on this board but this post epitomises why the pumpers have never been right a single time.

        Talk of Apple and samsung sounds good but the entire message is predicated on "Lets (it should be let's, as in let us) just say". Meaning there is not a shred of truth in ANYTHING you wrote. And how do you think it would impact Microvision's business relationship if Microvision had to close down for a lack of cash? I'm suspecting Apple and Samsung wouldn't be overly thrilled to be doing business with a bankrupt company.

        Your premise rests on some mythical relationship with Apple or Samsung about which they have been told to say absolutely nothing to the great detriment to both their own business and Microvision's shareholders. And for anyone to be rewarded that has owned the stock for the last four or five years the stock would need to go up almost 3,000%from here just to break even.

        But just keep posting your stupid Apple posts. Someone might actually believe you and average down a little more. I'll put their money straight in my pocket along with yours.

      • and who would these people be that have a huge interest in seeing MVIS fail? YHOO MB bashers? I don't know what planet you're from but nothing can stop the force of the market in either direction on this planet. The market always wins. I'll break it down for you, if MVIS had any future potential the stock would not be in a pattern of lower highs and lower lows the last 10 years and on the verge of testing the all time low over the next two weeks.

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