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  • scowtown scowtown Mar 29, 2013 10:26 PM Flag

    A new Displayground Post - The Rise Of The Mobile Workforce

    A new Displayground Post - The Rise Of The Mobile Workforce

    "Pico projection is a great example of a feature that can help users fully benefit from mobile. With embedded pico projection in a mobile device, doctors can share information with patients without huddling around the small screen, contractors can display full sized construction blueprints to workers at a project site, and teachers can show presentations and video from their smartphone to their entire classroom"

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    • The "huddling around" idea seems outdated--and holds little truth. No one I know huddles around a smartphone. While I am somewhat confident in the outcome, I worry this company lacks an infusion of fresh ideas. We grow conspicuous. Worst case scenario: the company gets cut-off from forward thinking ideas during their critical stage of development. That appears to be happening now. Beyond a point, keeping big secrets does not benefit the investment community.

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      • imo it's not at all about cooking up new ideas. It's about closing the sale now. Esp when dealing with really large companies, just getting the lawyers to sign off on a licensing deal might take 2-3 months, so I'm not yet too concerned about how long it is taking. Preferably this quarter, at latest next quarter we need to see a design win. I think we will but there is absolutely no guarantee until something is announced or we get a sudden jump in earnings from Pioneer because an OEM is buying through them and not signing a deal direct with MVIS. I'm pretty sure that if they sign any deal it will be announced as soon as signed because MVIS needs that to get their next financing done at the best possible price. Who knows, an OEM willing to license the picop with an upfront payment might be able to buy a decent piece of MVIS at the current pps as part of the deal. I would not mind that so much because it will be a huge sign of life and if MVIS is going to survive, it's gonna be worth a lot more than it is now that much is certain.

      • the "huddle" marketing plan is brilliant.....much better than "squinting disease". I see people huddling around and passing around all the time....not just photos and videos but games too. in asia multiplayer smartphone games are quite popular.

    • Scow,
      I've emailed IR at Microvision regarding that we need news on company developments, etc. This is not what we need. We need news on orders, new contracts with some major and minor customers. These displayground posts are almost worthless at this point. The only thing that will more this stock up for us long time investors, is news, that has substance to it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • It was pathetic and makes one wonder why they bothered to put it up. The example applications were ridiculous. Then they point to that dumb video were almost all of the "example" were clearly faked. You would think that by now everything would have be of actual use, hey, pull out that whopping 25 lumen projector that is so precious that they only show it to a few people.

        It says, "contractors can display full sized construction blueprints to workers at a project site. " What an absolutely silly application for a ~15 to less than 25 lumen projector. Where it this guy going to find a dark enough place to project a 25 lumen image of any size on a construction site? Then there is the teacher in the classroom example, unless the classroom is pitch dark only a few people will be able to see the image; better to buy a much cheaper projector with a lot more lumens.

        The whole blog was just amateur/beginner time.

      • That displayground blog is almost as worthless as the website itself... it has NO up to date information.... Jeff provided a opportunity for AT to make adjustments when he announced his resignation six month ago and we see that little was done in the time allotted.... Jeff left the company earlier this month and the company still lists him as the CFO.... This could be considered misleading information to would be investors thinking that MVIS had an active "CFO" on March 30, 2013..... MicrovisionMarketing is the listed blogger, who is MicrovisionMarketing??, nobody willing to put there name on it??? Looks more like a self promotion to the creator of the youtube special effects piece... Fairy Tale Stories and Smoke and Mirrors has been the MO for years...... Can hardly wait to see the Rev's for Q1, if Any.... LOL.... No doubt expenses are up with the late December Hire...... AT, SELL IT OR LOOSE IT..... TO THE ABYSS

    • Things like this simply point to just how clueless this management team actually are. This kind of deliberate efforts to cast the company and the products in a bad light can only be for one of two reasons. Either they really are as clueless as they portray themselves to be or these posts are a deliberate attempt to put further downward pressure on the share price.

      I find it difficult to believe that anyone could possibly be stupid enough to put something like that on the blog in a genuine attempt to pass it off as either "News" or even reasoned commentary. While the entire post had absolutely no implications for Microvision's business it also had the effect of confirming that the company has absolutely no real news to release. And that is very, very bad news for ordinary shareholders.

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