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  • stillinshock stillinshock Apr 8, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    Thoughts on who signed with us

    Looking at the Global 100 companies, I can only find 7 or so that seem to me to fit the bill. Don't know what the rest of you guys and gals have come up with and would be interested to hear other thoughts on this.
    After lookiing at the possibilities I have come up with Verizon as my top pick. I have been watching the continuing war between Apple and Samsung over the past 18 months and think Samsung is in bed with Verizon to develop a picop for the cell phone market. Apple usually buys the tech it wants and I would of thought that if they wanted the pico market they would of taken action by now. However, Steve Jobs is gone and it remains to be seen weather or not Tom Cook has the same thinking since he has taken the helm.
    I feel the first shot has been fired and now we have a lot of interest from other big names feeling the heat and probably well aware of who signed with us. I usually sell off half of my position and buy back on news such as we had last week, but this time I am holding and will add as the pps goes south. I think we may hear something soon on another deal, and if not will take advantage of the pullback. Since Samsung has dipped its toes in the MVIS water in the past, and I'm sure they have had a good look at the evaluation kit, as have others, I think we are looking at something that could be a lot bigfger than we first thought. If I am wrong, then it is the same ole, same ole Alec.

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