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  • hillerby55 hillerby55 Jul 13, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    Alik says OEM's "very interested" (had samples for year and a half) yet his own timeline seems to dispute that

    ."Which leads to your other question about additional OEM commitments. We began shipping samples to potential customers in February and continue to ship samples regularly. As was stated on the last two calls, the initial evaluation period upon receiving samples can be anywhere from 1-6 months on average. If after evaluation the OEM/ODM determines they are interested to move forward, a Development Agreement is signed and we then enter into the business negotiation phase and it can then extend an additional 6-18 months to reach a final business agreement. There are many details that need to be negotiated during this phase. The final phase of the process is then 6-12 months of product development done by the OEM/ODM culminating in commercial availability. Many factors impact which end of the timeline an OEM/ODM will fall including complexity of the business negotiations and how much customization they need to make for their product.

    An example of this timeline is our Pioneer relationship. On December 8, 2010 we announced the joint development agreement, the definitive agreement was announced on April 10, 2012, initial orders for components were announced on May 31, 2012, Pioneer started selling its product in July of 2012 and a follow on order for components was announced in our Q2 earnings release on August 2, 2012. The 2010 release stated that Pioneer expected to introduce an aftermarket HUD in 2012. The timeframe from announcement of the development agreement to product availability was nearly 20 months."

    ....Looks like those "very interested" OEMs aren't as interested as Alik made them out to be. Those OEMs have had samples for a year and a half. If the best scenario for very interested OEMs was used ...1-6 months evaluation..6 months for business agreement and 6 months product development....12-18 months total from Feb 2012 is from Feb 2013 to JULY 2013. OEM's very interested?

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    • Hey hillerby, Opinions are like aawwholes. Everybody has them. You are just a big mouth #$%$ who is tedius and douchy. I can't wait till " Alex" pounds you KG and Anderson into the ground. JERKO

      • 2 Replies to soren.hane
      • "You are just a big mouth #$%$ who is tedius and douchy."

        'soren' is right about this, hillerby has alaways been this way as long as i have read this MB...

        ...anyone that exclaims, "R....cough !! cough !! ...S" and "Reverse ....cough cough....Split" falls straight in to the "douchy" catagory...

        ...pus...the hillerby has always been one to make lots of hay for his straw-man arguments that are utterly worthless.

        P.S. Another trait of douchy'ness will show itself when MVIS is trading in "success" territory, as he will exclaim then that, "i never doubted the technology, only management [at that time]and i have been loaded with shares for years now, UP,UP,UP!!!"....(reference for future "douchy" to laugh at)

      • He's had quite some time.....How long has he been CEO and how has the PPS done under his leadership? R....cough !! cough !! ...S

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