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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Sep 16, 2013 7:23 AM Flag

    Interesting find..Samsung?

    Sahaya Darcius
    Project Manager at Microvision
    Guro-gu, Seoul, KoreaElectrical/Electronic Manufacturing

    Whats very interesting here is MicroVision signed a partnership agreement with a Fortune Global 100 April 3 2013. Sahaya Darcius shows from his Linkedin profile that he started as a Project manager at MicroVision on April 13 2013. He is based out of Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea which is Samsung Headquarters


    Now the interesting part. If you look at Sahaya work profile with MicroVision from April 13 2013 from the link above you will see:

    "Project Manager Microvision (shows MicroVision Logo next to his profile and work)
    April 2013 – Present (6 months)Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

    - Responsible to develop multimedia streaming, video encoder and decoder(H264, H263 and MPEG-4 ) drivers for Samsung S5PV310 SoC platform - Android ICS.
    - Responsible to design and develop 3D-Display Driver for our future product based on Android Jelly Bean."

    IsSamsung partnering with MicroVision "for our future product" mentioned above? Is Samsung the Fortune Global 100 or one of them?

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    • Could he simply have been working for the other MicroVision there... boardsetDOTcom/activity/microvision_introduction.pdf
      . Area of SpecializationEmbedded Technologies, System Analyst/Tech Architect, Application Programming

      Could it be he works for the other MicroVision there? Funny coincidence!! If the logo was from MVIS in Washington could it have been a mistake and he took it down because the other MicroVision asked or he did it to prevent getting in trouble with the Korean MicroVision? I sure hope it isn't and he does work for our MVIS on a Samsung project. I guess we'll find out one way or another. I would be a believer if there wasn't that other company working right there that is called MicroVision and spelled the very same way. Interesting for sure....

    • geoffreyporter Sep 17, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

      Thanks Joe. Precious information for retail investors.

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    • The MVIS employee works in The Guru district of Seoul, according to his L-In statement.

      This is how Wiki describes this district:

      The Guro Industrial Complex has rapidly changed from a manufacturing industrial zone into a futuristic industrial hub, centering on research and development activities, advanced information and knowledge industries since 2000, and has developed into the largest digital industrial complex in Korea. As of 2008, there are about 8,000 venture companies with more than 100,000 staff in an area of two million m². Moreover, it is the hub for the nation's high-tech industry which continuously focuses on R&D, high-tech knowledge and information industry. More than 80% of the companies are I.T. companies with a total production of about 5.5 trillion won and an export of about 1.5 trillion won. Especially importantly, the Korea Venture Business Association is located in Guro Industrial Complex.

    • Thanks! Joe Great works.

    • Hi Joe,

      Good find, For what it's worth, just to add another small observation to spice this post up, curiously there is a group on linked-in called Microvisionaires. It is a private group with 16 members, started in July 2013, and run by Peggy Lopez, a previous optical engineer for Microvision from 1997-2006 and then Microsoft from 2006-2009

    • Joe, can you check the link that you provide? I cannot get it to work and when I search Sahaya Darcius on Linkedin, there is no mention of MicroVision in his profile. Was it removed or am I doing something wrong????

      • 1 Reply to sweetinnj714
      • It was on LINKEDIN, was removed, then added again without the Microvision entry.

        The page properties shows it was created and last modified today. 9/16/2013

        Peter's MVIS blog has the entry pasted on its blog.

        This reminds me of the time Ben from Microvision gave up the Pioneer deal and tried to remove it but the RSS feed showed his entry and the deletion.

        Could be another slip from an employee.


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    • Thanks Joe! I think you nailed it. I think Samsung or Apple will have advantage, who ever comes first with PicoP inside.

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    • The last generation of smartphones have run out of a "wow" features, as evident by Apple iPhone 5 and 5s. Projection would solve this problem, either for tablets and/or phones. My guess is all the smartphones have to ramp up models when Apple releases iPhone 6, which would be about a year from now. So Samsung has to assume it needs a wow feature by next year, or risk losing the strides it has made verse apple.

      The only thing PicoP technologically feasible and cost feasible in a smartphone? I worry that MVIS's many dead ends in other projects have been a result of one or both these issues. Truth be told, if a Samsung really thought this PicoP was the way (or any company for that matter), it would buy Microvision, even just for future R&D purposes. So if Microvision technology is developed into a semi-successful product, it will be bought before we even know what that product is.

      My gut tells me that Microvision has until the next tablet/phone cycle to finally have a deal, after that it is unlikely to be a long term company for investing, as it will seriously hint that its tech has a major flaw.

    • look up Jelly Bean on web - Samsung is planning to provide Jelly Bean for all its models... already available for the Nexus phones..
      Look up Samsung S5PV310 SoC on web - The Samsung platform he is writing for has been used on their phone models since 2011...
      This all fits nicely.. hope he doesn't get burned for spilling the beans accidentally/brain fart regarding the secret contract with mvis..

    • Folks, click on the title to read Joe's thread-starter post IMMEDIATELY. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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