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  • stillinshock stillinshock Oct 15, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    120 days

    Ago we were at $3.40 a share. This is a record even for Tokman. I can't believe how bad a CEO this dumb bell is. Nothing in the PR department to help stablilize this mess. Looks as if a lot of folks just found out something we retail inivestors will have to find out connecting dots from the four corners of the world again.

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    • Tokman is the most inept CEO in American corporate history. Completely out of his depth. However, I have always thought that the bigger concern is that this stock is trading where it is simply because this is where they want it trading.

      The Board stand to make millions of dollars if they can depress the share price enough and for long enough that either they can buy the company back or they can get someone to buy the company for pennies a share then get a fat pay off in the form of "Consulting agreements with who ever ends up owning half a billion dollars worth of patents for which they will have paid only a few million. That leaves vast amounts of money for the Board. I honestly believe that Tokman and the rest of the board are criminals who has orchestrated the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars with the help of Oppenheimer and, perhaps, Farhi.

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