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  • votewithno votewithno Oct 28, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    Apple has no new ideas, only faster and thinner products

    Look at the iPad Air.

    Samsung, too.

    For this year, it was ok. But next year? The same story? 0.5 mm thinner? 20 % faster? Bigger screen? Most consumers will not recognize that and therefore will not buy a new version of their tablets and smartphones..

    Both need something new, a news feature, like a projector. Why is MVIS not able to push their product into Apple or Samsung products?

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    • The problem is a timing issue. The iPad Air's design cycle started a year and a half ago. A year and a half ago DGL's simply didn't exist. The question is when do they exist in a form and at a price where they can be designed in to a mass market devise.

      So far we have not had a single DGL manufacturer come out and say that they are in commercial production. Pioneer has used a few proof of concept units, maybe a few hundred have been made and sent out to OEM's for evaluation. But no one is going to start the design process to take a mass marketable product to any market unless they have three assurances. 1). that the components are available by the Millions. 2. That the components are of sufficient quality and 3. that the price of the components is low enough that it can be incorporated in a devise and still allow that devise to compete in the market place.

      To date those parameters do not exist for Microvision's technology. Perhaps, one day, in a year or two they might. But before Microvision's technology can be used by anyone for anything we are dependent of at least two other companies designing and developing technology to make microvision's technology actually work and then we are dependent on someone designing and developing a manufacturing process that will allow someone else's technology to incorporate Microvision's technology in to a mass marketable devise.

      There are a lot of stars that need to align before Microvision's technology is worth anything at all. That's the entire problem..

    • Waiting on brighter greens, is my guess. If Apple is the F100 they are timing their engine with the coming 50's. If they aren't doing anything by this time next year, I'll be getting antsy. Now as to why they aren't going into eye ware, and cars, which don't need the extra daylight lumen, like a phone or tablet, I can't venture a guess. Price? Planets aren't aligned properly? Jobs is dead and not one else has any creative thinking? Mvis is still alive, despite all the kicking, so I guess it ain't them.

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      • Well, after saying I couldn't venture a guess, I ventured several guesses. Here is another....maybe all the green lasers are out for making gun sights? To put a green spot on something hiding amongst the green leaves? :) I don't know, Mr. White... I'm going with the stars aren't aligned properly. Why do you think a company without products is still alive despite all the kicking and hating? It ain't the company..must be the kickers.

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      • one_thousand_points_for_white one_thousand_points_for_white Oct 28, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

        " Now as to why they aren't going into eye ware, and cars, which don't need the extra daylight lumen, like a phone or tablet, I can't venture a guess."

        Think HARDER, the answer is so obvious to see that it's blinding to those that give it a little extra thought.

        You're welcome

        Don't forget to feed the birds.



    • totally agree.... it's what every MVIS long desperately wants to see happen.

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