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  • pierrev55 pierrev55 Apr 8, 2014 8:18 AM Flag

    PRIMESENSE has recently been filing patents with MVIS projection technology.

    PUB. APP. NO. Title
    1 20130127854 Scanning Projectors And Image Capture Modules For 3D Mapping
    2 20130107021 Interactive Reality Augmentation for Natural Interaction
    3 20130106692 Adaptive Projector

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    • PrimeSense, Microsoft, Apple--and MicroVision

      Parallels among these four entities are looking more pronounced. A recent Patent Application by PrimeSense discusses Methods for Augmented Reality utilizing PrimeSense 3-D image sensing and gesture-based technology in conjunction with MicroVision's PicoP® LASER Display Technology.

      PrimeSense's technology underlies Microsoft's Kinect motion controller. While a recent rumor has it that Apple is in early talks to acquire PrimeSense. Both Microsoft and Apple are rumored to be involved with MicroVision. And now, PrimeSense, in an embodiment of this recent patent application, specifies MicroVision's PicoP® Display Technology exclusively by name.

      "...A suitable unit for use in the system 10 that bundles the 3-D camera 12 and the 2-D camera 14 is the PrimeSensor™ Reference Design, available from PrimeSense Corporation, 104 Cambay Conn., Cary N.C., 27513, U.S.A. The content projector 16 may be the PicoP® display engine, available from MicroVision, Inc., 6222 185th Ave NE Redmond Wash., 98052...

      ...wherein forming the content-containing image comprises projecting the content-containing image onto a retina of the user..."

      Interactive Reality Augmentation for Natural Interaction
      US 20130107021 A1 / Publication date May 2, 2013 / Original Assignee Primesense Ltd.

    • Fascinating discussion on IV Board about this and laser safety.
      .............and remember, Primesense was bought by Apple......:))))

    • Love this thread.

    • It's cool that Primesense was bought by Apple and they have patents naming PicoP. Great thread. Like entre said: Primesense=Apple.

    • geoffreyporter Apr 8, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

      December 07, 2013
      Take a Peek at a Few Key PrimeSense Patents that Apple Gained

      Beyond video glasses Apple has filed for many projection-related patents over the years covering integrated projectors in future MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and even one device that Apple described as the next great thing.

      PrimeSense's projection patent as noted above also illustrates another example use for their technology in the form of projector integrated into a future smartphone as noted below. Remember that this isn't a design patent, so pick on the bulk of the unit. The patent is simply conveying a visual concept of their technology in a smartphone rather than focusing on the design of the phone.

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      • So much of the information we get about Mvis, and directions of pursuit, is from patent applications. And this is the great value of this board...following the patents, and extrapolating. Makes it worthwhile fighting through all the septic sludge, trying not to get tainted :) Thanks all who seek out, find and post patents applicable to Microvision. They paint a grand view of the potential future. You have to dream the future before you can create it, and lots of major players are dreaming up some mighty fine stuff :) Apple knows how to dream, and, for sure, Sony. Disney, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Youtube, and even Billy Bob's bait and projector Emporium, if there is such a place, lol, have great dreams in which Mvis can play a part. Now, come on, all of you, sign on the dotted line, and lets get this ball rolling. Enough dreaming for the moment, let's ink the deal!!! I've got a birthday coming up and by the next one I want to be lounging in the hot tub with a bevy of beauties, smoking fine Cubans, and enjoying the latest forward split, not still waiting for the dreams to become reality while tracking patents :)

    • Oh, you silly pumper... :-)

    • Wow,wow,wow, and we are approaching full moon.

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    • Pierre....hly sht....and thanks!

    • These appear to be circa May 2013, but to my knowledge I have not see them referenced here on this board... Good Find.
      GLTA MVIS Longs!

    • Finally someone thinking of using the depth finding and interactive ability of PicoP. I think their patents are focused on the image processing part. MVIS should own the PicoP related part.MVIS was demonstrating the interactive manipulation of PicoP in 2012. But after that they have been very quiet about this functionality.

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