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  • sensibull2 sensibull2 Jul 15, 2014 10:50 AM Flag

    It really is quite remarkable.

    That the pom-pom wavers have so little clue what's going on here.

    They are all waiting for blast off. The day they wake up and the stock goes ballistic. It's NEVER going to happen. Sure, it might well take a pop of 75 cents or even a Dollar at some point when someone gets excited by "News" that turns out not to be news. Just like last time it spiked over $3. That spike lasted all of about 45 minutes.

    But look at what Tokman himself has said. Look at what Microvision actually is. It's a company with a technology that manipulates the way someone else's technology works. That's all. They can't make a product and OEM's aren't exactly falling all over themselves to use Microvision's technology in a product. Pioneer had a sniff and dumped it very quickly. Sony has had a sniff and have done nothing. And no other OEM's are planning on using the tech.

    Simply put, the world isn't exactly waiting with bated breath for a mobile projector. And with the few applications where a mobile projector might be useful there are cheaper and better solutions than a laser based light source.

    This stock will NEVER trade at the $4.44 reverse split level. It will bounce around and be a trade play but the entire premise of the company is not to make a product or money. It's to develop a patent portfolio that will be sold to the first OEM that comes along and shows a genuine interest in it. At that point Shareholders will simply be cast aside and their remaining lunch money will taken away.

    So, in the mean time, trade the pops and the dips. But if you are waiting for this stock to hit $5 or $10 or $500 a share, it will NEVER happen.

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    • I think you hit the nail on the head. There is nothing about this company that suggests it will ever make it. I lost a lot of money having bought on Tokman's lies about sales agreements, product launches and the like. I realized too late what was going on. So I keep the few shares I have left for two reasons. Firstly, selling them would not even begin to make a dent in what I have lost and secondly, it does give me a legitimate reason to be able to write to Tokman once on a while and remind him what a disaster he has been as CEO and to tell him just how much money his lies have cost me.

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