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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h Apr 20, 2012 8:14 AM Flag

    Buyout price range: $40 - $55

    Based on simple valuation on PCLN and a 15% premium.

    That's a conservative projection.

    So, it's clear to me that those shorts are now on the ropes.

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    • I'm going in full throttle with this stock.

      I was a short seller over $90. But now, we may very well wake up one morning staring at a $50 stock on a buyout.

      Dreaming? It's a probably much better bet than stocks like VHC.

      Remember, it is extremely hard in this day of age to build a really big audience to pay for an Internet business. I like my odds with this one.

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      • Grant

        I like your logic, whilst the earnings @ TZOO maybe on the ropes over the next couple of quarters, its not easy to get a 25,000,000 email list together where the receipents don't mind getting an email. There is a strategic reason why a company could want to buy TZOO and think over the next few weeks that info will come out. By combining TZOO with a hotel network/ Airline / package tour maker, all of a sudden the sum of the parts makes it worth more than whole.

        That is why they've been approached.. I think a bid in the $45-$50+ range isn't going to be out of the question..

      • Hello Grant,

        Based on the conf call yesterday, I got that TZOO is a company that's conservative with their debt and with a growing user base, facts that make the company attractive for purchase. I believe that the stock will eventually reach the $50 range (Time frame of 6 - 12 months unless a significant buyout offer is made before then), I understand that during that time frame I might wake up one day with $40,000 less in my TZOO portfolio (no purchase/purchase talks break down) or $96000 extra (If purchase does in fact happen). I'll sit on this one and GOD willing make some benefit out of this.

        Best of luck to all,

    • What happened to those idiots sold it under $24 just two days ago, even after I posted to get in?

      And now, they started to chase it?

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