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  • grmabar grmabar Jul 25, 2011 3:18 PM Flag

    The dividend:

    The dividend payout is once per year for this stock. The yield for this dividend depends on the price you paid for the stock, so is variable for each individual. I did the calculation for dividend return based on the last four years of payouts and used the stock price on the pay date as a baseline for each year. In April 2008 the div was $0.57 and the stock was at $20 per share so the yield was 2.85%. In May 2009 they paid $0.43 div and stock was at $7.71 so yield was 5.58%. In May 2010 the div was $0.58 and the stock price was $18.09 so yield was 3.20%. In May 2011 they paid div of $0.81 with a stock price of $16.10 for a yield of 5.03%. The summation of these four years leaves you with an average return of 4.15% with the avg. price of stock at $15.47. This stock is now trading at about $12 per share; if you were to buy it at this price and get the $0.81 dividend they paid last year, your yield with those numbers would be $0.81/$12 equals 6.75%. I hope this is a helpful calculation for you all.

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