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  • st.bonnable st.bonnable Mar 9, 2012 8:39 PM Flag

    What would you like photos of?

    I'm going to try to make it to the new place in Sarasota tomorrow. Obviously, they will likely not be open for business. I don't know what all I will be able to obtain, but are there any requests? If I come up dry I will try during a lunch hour at work this week.

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    • Thanks, st.bonnable. Anything that you see as interesting will be great. I'm going to make a run over to Spec's liquor store today to see a bottle of Tequila Distinguido.
      An interesting thought: I have met Mexican empresarios(businessmen) before. There is an attractive element of competent humility among them. I noted in the history section of the TD website that the English written is educated, and probably written by a non native speaker of English, and acquitted well. This to me is great, because this culturally fearless family brings their best effort to the American marketplace.
      They competently take in hand their whole enterprise, I surmise. They didn't hire a fancy web site designer, they did it themselves. If you read the contact address, you see that it is not written precisely in American style, but it is well presented.
      These are some impressive guys to me, group. The honor and goals of the family business are their goals, and they dream to bring their tequila empire into the US of A. I myself am grateful to be a part of this.
      I've certainly not got the due diligence capability of you other guys, who yourselves are impressive. A talent of mine might be to spot elements of sincerity and what my Mom used to call 'elbow grease,' and 'get up and go.'
      The Mexicans have a variety of terms in Spanish to describe overall motivation, and the one I like best, in my exposure to the Mexican culture, is 'chispa.'(basically, spark.)
      It seems to me that what we are seeing develop here is the 'best foot forward' of the Contreras heirs as they bring their family business to the table.
      The growth of this new corporation will certainly benefit me financially, as I have nearly all of my 'miserable' level of resources into Emperial America. Satisfaction will come, God Willing, and it will be more complete by virtue of the notion that the Contreras family has taken unto themselves the thrill and the risk of free enterprise, American style.
      Best of fortune, brothers.

    • Yes, got a couple requests. THXX

      Photo's of anything with the company name, mail box, building floor map, door signage, etc

      If the officers are by chance there working the weekend, try and get a pic of them holding up a bottle of Tequila Distinguido.

    • The building itself, so we can see how big the establishment is, signs that have the company's name on it, i can't think of anything else really. Thanks for helping us out.