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  • investzar investzar Mar 22, 2012 12:41 PM Flag

    Congrats stock ticker AAAA for taking TEMN asset

    Congrats stock ticker AAAA for taking TEMN assets

    AAAA up 112% since the shift of TEMN assets into that shell.

    Is Emperial Americas still showing TEMN as their reverse merger?

    Again Congrats to traders who are obviouly making the move into AAAA -

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    • Honestly, my moral compass is not the same as others. EVEN IF you had pumped this stock up (for arguments sake, let's assume this to be so) for a profit, that is just manipulating a situation to your advantage. Everyone here is responsible for their own actions. Hell, Anton Lavey created an entire religion out of this. Now, I don't believe you did pump the stock. In fact, I would love to know if you have any other picks you are following. It doesn't mean that I have to trade on them, but a good lead is a good lead.

    • If I invest is AAAA and brag about profits is that wrong?

    • Right, I don't see where anyone has done anything wrong either (Besides Joe Asfono's libel), news is news and facts are facts.

      TEMN did 1300% max gains from the 52 week low - HELLA'VA PLAY HERE!

      Too many got greedy and refused to sell when the volume fell off! Some may want to ask their adviser about "Index Funds."

      These thugs Joseph Asfono and company were pumping the stock and putting disclaimers under their names and such --- whereas everyone else was posting "Public Domain" website links, all with verifiable facts - most were from Government websites to boot.

      DD? Hell? I bought bottles of Tequila Distinguido just to make sure the label read Emperial Americas, Inc -

      Joeseph thought he could rip us off and he failed, even with the hundreds of "Disclaimers" he has posted about possible investment risks, he now rants like a clueless bimbo who had no idea what he was doing! Pathetic... POS.

      Cheers to the better traders!

      I didn't earn that "Z" for nothing!

      I'm done here though... so no need to keep asking around for me (Was actually done after the offensively obvious volume drop). And STFU to those who claim the stock price drop was anything other than the company putting out a bonecrushing SEC filing.

      The so-called "Dump" many are referring to came after company news... Not before. Happens on the NYSE too... every three seconds!

      It is was it is... get over it!

    • Personally, I don't really see where investzar did anything wrong.....

    • Reporting the facts or issues found on the internet - no different than your local channel 3 news. (BTW: The Internet is a "Public Domain" and libel is actionable).

      Did you not see the SEC filing made by the company?

      Are you incinuating I filed the last TEMN 8-K with the SEC?

      Before you complain your life away, you may want to see if the company does the right thing first.

      You never know, they may put another company in the shell, perhaps one that could be even better than the first! Or they could merge the two shells into one Emperial Americas Inc. Then you'll probably be complaining you sold too soon! Geez... when will it end?

      Let me tell'ya, you ain't the first clown to lose money in the stock market circus over the last 200 years.

      You slapped yourself in in the face Mr. Asfono? You have been spewing investment risk warnings all over the Internet, I think everyone sees that you are very well informed about the risks of investing in the OTCBB pinks! Stop going around acting like a clueless bimbo all of a sudden.

      BUT DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH Ah, but you know the drill Joseph and you know it all too well. Sorry to hear you didn't listen to your own advice.

    • I agree grm, let's hope the AAAA stock does real well with all of TEMN shareholders money!

      Although there may be no assets in TEMN anymore, it seems to me TEMN shareholders would still own the Name "Emperial Americas, Inc," as stated in the first 8-K, the name change came with the purchase of the TEMN shell.

      Is EA actually going to try and have two public shells both called Emperial Americas, Inc ? That would be a first for me!

      Maybe they will need to merge the TWO shells into one company? IMO

    • investzar, this company ripped people off. And now EA will pay dearly for lying to their "former" shareholders.

    • dsecco Mar 22, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

      The AAAA shell is now the official home of Emperial. TEMN will eventually be re-processed and used for something else as it is still controlled by Victory Partners.

      AAAA has a float of about 800k, 5.3 million O/S, 3 million of
      which is in VP/EA hands. The other shares are in 144 notes.