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  • watch_telekom watch_telekom May 8, 2002 9:32 AM Flag

    DT till the end of the year

    DT is on its way back up. watch VOD going down and the same time DT going up to the $20 in 2002. Also the change of ceo will help a lot in getting confidence back. IPO of t-mobil is the 3rd reason why you should buy now. Its up to you!

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    • Longvstrfan, as you know I've been complaining for about a year now that DT didn't list T-Mobile. If we had listed about a year ago DT very likely would be trading at around $20 per share (strickly a guess). That being said, I didn't "Know" that listing would have been a good idea. I only thought it would be. The point here is that Sommers continues to guess wrong. That being said, I agree with you at this point. DT, unfortunately has missed their chance and now they have to wait. Investing in DT is dead money for around a year. I'm not convinced that the company won't collapse under the weight of its debt, but for some reason I'm holding on to the stock for now.

    • I hope Berlin1baby is on the right track in saying DT should gain back some of its losses. The losses don't entirely make sense. The initial losses did, but there hasn't been any unexpected news to account for the recent drops. Although everyone thinks t-mobile should be spun off, I think in the long run selling it now with the market so crappy would be a poor move. If we can just tread water for a year or two and then sell it, perhaps it would fetch a price that would eliminate the debt altogether.

    • Berlin,

      I'm glad you support the longs. Can you tell me why you feel like DT is going to double given the fact that it's dropped 25% in just a few weeks on top of huge drops over the past couple of years?

    • The interesting thing to me is that many of us got into DT via VSTR. It wouldn't surprise me if the got rid of VSTR and then, we former VSTR owners, would be left in DT.
      Sommer is so manic, he just might try to buy AWE and SBC. Nothing's beyond his insanity.

    • Right, Hal, watch VOD at $5 (max) and DT at $30 (minimum). I am with you, man. Good analysis.

    • There was a news item on the German Yahoo DT listing. More rumors about Sommer's "final solution."

      Salt Springs? What's the matter? Were you too dazzled by the bright lights of Palatka?

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