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  • troy48084 troy48084 Nov 9, 2005 4:13 PM Flag

    Good Motley Fool Article

    I was glad to see that someone's taken up the DT situation and put a bit of sanity into the events taking place in the company.
    The price of the stock seems to already reflect too much of the anticipated "bad news" and rarely takes into account the good news. If DT can cut out some of the fat in its work force, they may balance out some of the anticipated additional expenses they're going to encountering in their advertising.
    I still think the stock's undervalued.

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    • Old OMPT here. Got in at $4.

    • I started out with American Portable Telecommunications.
      That became Aerial.
      Aerial became Voicestream.
      Voicestream.....well, VSTR became Sommer's Nemesis.

    • I wonder if we are the only OMPTers left.

    • I bought it when it was OMPT. It probably wasn't even public at that point, I don't remember but I have a ton of it as you can
      imagine, esp. after the DT split. I should
      have sold it, but, along with alot of others I
      hung on. Now I'm never sure what to do.
      By the looks of what's happening on the DAX this morning it probably will go below 16....

    • No, I'm not sorry. I wouldn't be considering I sold in the $21 range and can now buy it back in the $17 range.
      If you bought this in the 27 cent range, you're certainly doing far better than anyone I know of. I didn't even know that it had ever been down that low.
      As far as going below $17, it may, but I think it's going to just go kind of flat for the rest of the year (adjusting for the exchange rate). We'll have to see how the sector does too.

    • Are you sorry you got out? You're still recommending it a "buy". Not being in the
      business I don't know too much about dividends so whatever it is...fine with me. I bought
      this stock for 27 cents (there's no cents/sense on this computer) so my check last year was...a little long overdue.....terrific.
      I only hope it doesn't go below 17...whadda ya think??

    • No, I never had a brother or anyone else involved in DT. I got out because the exchange rate was way too far off balance. Bush said he was all for a strong dollar, but his actions either took place or he was just being political about the whole situation.
      The dividend is nice, but it's still only about 4%-5% or so.

    • I can't believe you jumped ship. Don't you have a brother who's involved as well....did he? I think DT is on the right course and as
      long as they'll pay a hefty dividend I'll hang
      on for the time being. After all, having this
      stock since ''s finally paying off. Merkel will try to adapt to more Western attitudes regarding unemployment, etc., so
      I guess we should all give her a chance. Germany can't get much worse but no one wants
      to get laid off and no one wants to give up
      all their perks but changes need to be made.
      Telecoms are extremely competitive but I think
      it's just the tip of the iceberg for telecommunications. Ricke just needs to play his cards right. Anyone on this board from Germany???

    • Thanks for the welcome. I bailed at $21, and DT's looking good for 2006 on out.

      What I had heard some time ago is that certain job classifications had an apprentice working with each employee. I don't know if it's true or not. I suspect that certain types of jobs for some types of companies had that sort of arrangement. Basically, I guess it kept people off the streets and kept the unemplyment figures down. Maybe someone on the board can elaborate on this subject a bit more.
      In any case, if DT's going to compete, they're going to have to keep expenses in check, and I don't see how they can do that if they're operating in a welfare environment. As was already said, the telecoms were operating as a utility, not a privately owned company.

    • Troy...glad to see you're still on board.
      It's been my understanding that people who are
      out of work can collect unemployment for a very long time...I've read about people
      collecting for years. Where's the incentive to
      go back to work with this as an alternative? That's why unemployment is so high. I know that in most European countries vacations are 5-6 weeks. Germany is in financial trouble as we all know but maybe now some of these "luxuries" will be addressed.

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