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  • wcbiv Oct 3, 2008 4:10 PM Flag

    Free Flight Promo Rip-Off

    Last November my wife and I switch wireless carriers to T-Mobile to take advantage of their "Free Flight Promo". Essentially if you signed up during the promotional period (the two days following Thanksgiving) you got one free airline ticket for each account you activiated. Hence, we earned two free tickets.

    Suffice it to say this one of those "rebate" gigs where the promoter counts on a certain amount of people not dotting every "i" and crossing every "t" and that way the costs are significantly lower than what would happen idf they actually gave each customer a ticket up front.

    I understand that, but this specific promo is an example of even more bad faith. The forms were not sent out the end of March, then you had to fill them out and send them in. Then (at least my experience was) they would tell you the form wasnt completed properly, we didnt get them, we got one but not the other. This went on for a matter of months until FedEx and certified letters were employed. Then after repeated phone calls and no calls back, we get told we now dont qualify for the promo for reasons I would call dubious at best...and inaccurate (I'll have to do research before I can be more specific).

    All in at my salary (broken out as an hourly rate) I'm probably into this project at $400 for 2 tickets I could buy for $400-500.

    I wonder how many people bought phones during those two days and how many actually got a plane ticket?

    What's your rip off story?

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