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  • jbchiu.1018 jbchiu.1018 Apr 15, 2009 3:24 AM Flag

    As Consumer Confidence Falls, So Will T-Mobile' Stock

    I was a long time customer of T-Mobile from 2002 until last month March, 2009. While checking my credit card statement online, I was shocked to find that T-Mobile charged me ~$300 more than usual on my easypay so I went online to check my account. Upon checking the account, I found out the charges were for text messaging overages and by the time the bill posted, another billing had just ended with another ~$200+ in overages. I was surprised since I requested to change my text messaging service back to unlimited two months earlier, which was confirmed by the customer I spoke with at the time.

    When I called to speak with them, I was bounced around and told there was no such record. The reps were unable to help me and kept repeating the same answers regardless of what I said to them so I requested to speak with a supervisor who she said would call me back within 24 hours. When I didn't receive the call, I phoned again, got bounced around and was told the same "textbook" responses and that a supervisor would phone me in 72 hours.

    More time passes, no call, so I phone the BBB for assistance. I finally receive a call in response to my contact with the BBB. The T-Mobile rep does not let me speak, and repeatedly interrupted me and said it was my "fault". If I tried to speak again, he got louder and more belligerent. When I attempted to reason with him stating that I received confirmation of my requested charge so I shouldn't have to pay, he demands to know whether or not I used the services. When I told him the dispute was not whether or not I used the services, he interrupts me again, this time yelling, and demanding to know whether or not I used the services. He then implies that I am a liar, says it's my problem. When I asked him if he was my fault for trusting a customer representative of T-Mobile, he interrupts me and yells its my fault again. He then, offered me a small settlement despite it being my "fault" as he kept saying, and told me to take it or leave it.

    I told him I've been a loyal customer for several years and had never made any complaints before. I further stated that I couldn't accept such an insufficient settlement when the charges were incurred because a customer representative of T-Mobile failed to make the requested changed to my account as promised. I should not have to pay for T-Mobile's mistake and that I hope to be able to resolve the dispute without having to resort to filing with the small claims court.

    The T-Mobile representative responded by scoffing, stating he would see me in court. He ends the conversation by stating that he would report my refusal to the BBB and that as far as T-Mobile's concerned, the case was closed.

    Shortly after that, T-Mobile suspends my service. I call to speak to another customer representative and inform him of the dispute. I'm told he cannot help me so I end up switching phone services. I call to cancel and told another rep of the dispute and to please note the account so others will know to prevent having my account thrown into collections. The rep confirms making the note but not even two days later, I start getting harassment calls from a Collection Agency.

    There are more instances that I have had to deal with T-Mobile customer service, but those are just some of the more... interesting ones.

    If you research T-Mobile a little more, BBB gives them a F rating. Most complaints against T-Mobile involve billing and poor customer service.

    If consumers are already losing confidence in the corporation, I highly doubt people will want to do business with them in the future.

    In my opinion, this is not a company you would want to invest in, at least not until they improve a great deal in their treatment of customers and their poor administrative/billing practices.

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