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  • kiwiweyl kiwiweyl Aug 8, 2001 8:03 AM Flag

    this blows

    dt down 7% on merril downgrade overseas.....this sucks for us longs, hope dr. sommmers does or says something goood soon

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    • Did NTT really make an offer, and was it cash? I cannot believe that they would have offered cash, and from what I see, their stock dropped further in value than did DT.

    • It's just really hard to look to the future when the past performance of this stock has been so dismal. What's even worse is the fact that the BOD seems to have gone into a coma and Sommer's fiddling while DT burns. Any optimism from the DT bigwigs would be most appreciated, even if we don't all necessarily believe them. With the downgrade that came today, I'm wondering how that big block buyer(s) feeling today. That's a giant loss for whoever bought it.

    • Swirly,
      Excellent point. I want to see signs that Sommers is taking steps to deal with the serious management faux-pas of "the other half". Maybe that is one of the reasons why he's delayed the listing of T-Mobile. I can't believe we are marching toward $18?

    • Lynzie,

      Everything has changed. We're not talking about just T-Mobile here. With small cap stocks like you talked about, you can expect huge swings back and forth and that's all part of the ride. With a huge telecommunications firm, you can't expect huge swings to the positive in any short period of time. It's taken years for DT to get where it is now. What signs do you see that they're getting out of trouble or that they're moving in the right direction? Keep in mind a 30% increase in the share price brings it to just under $25 (which is a price I can't even fathom). On deck, we have a failing European economy, a falling Euro, questionable leadership, and large shareholders selling on August 30. Can T-Mobile overcome all of that?

    • Well put! Last year's PTEL/VSTR investor is now invested in a completely different company and in a completely different economy.

      It won't be nearly as much fun, but I believe DT will ultimately be a good investment.

    • I'm probably not more knowledeable about this stock than you are and I certainly appreciate your insights about Sommer ignoring the "other half."

      However; one could give a different spin to your observation. That is, if the "other half" is troubled because Sommer has spent too much time on T-Mobil, then the problem isn't he as much as his inability to apply his genius across the board in the organization during a period of enormous challenges with T-Mobil.

      If I were in a similar position I'd tend to assume that the local telephone service business can afford to give up a some executive oversight for awhile.

    • Sommers never has said much of anything to help in the past. The way he works, he'll probably say the stock's still overvalued and drop the price another 7%.

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