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  • bearski100 bearski100 Apr 30, 2012 9:35 AM Flag

    Does the timing of this downgrade reek to anyone else?

    Why wouldn't they at least wait for earnings later this week to confirm their position. Makes no sense to me.

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    • Trader,

      hahahaha, JOKE!!!

    • you betcha!! I've been adding to my position and have been long since the low $5's, just added some more today, with projected growth, I have no worries about holding this stock........

      Last I checked I haven't accused anyone of of anything, except the simpleton 1time.......
      who's running scared and who's an amateur??
      Who knows and who cares........

      check back with me in one year!!!

    • they are trying to manipulate so as to take a short time position for a 10-15% gain in a week.
      past is a great way of seeing how they work.
      Imprison the scammers,, I say.
      Turn them over to the SEC.

    • is this this 1st stock that this has ever happened to ???

      don't forget , the "dual mouthed" Jim Cramer has shouted out
      for HEK right along with CHK !!!! ... he probably got a whole
      bunch of retail folk to come in at/near the tops for both ...

      current time frame and going forward for about a year will
      be critical for both companies .. each has placed huge bets
      on the Nat Gas craze , NOBODY has had a complete understanding
      of NG dynamics, as for a century , it was never drilled
      for by itself, but demand has been met from the throwoffs
      of oil drilling

      the whole thing made for a great growth story ... "get in
      early" and all that rot .... this is the washout .. the
      real companies will survive , then thrive , as NG actually
      worms it's way into the fabric of economies ...

      pick over the rubble this year ... then have the patience
      for any of the survivors to get traction .. no overnight
      riches here , but maybe some fast disasters .. proceed
      with prudnence .. later .. .garce

    • While that may be true, that fact only indicates that the stock is disfavored now. A stock of a company with good business model with a clear path to growth can still have a depressed market value. Also, the facts you cite show that HEK was overvalued during the height of the 2007-08 bubble, shortly before the market crashed.

      HEK may be disfavored now, but when it starts exhibiting the growth that it is modeled to produce its market value will rebound.

    • Mr. Heck said business was moving along well in 1st QTR. Based on industry trends, most companies were moving assets from gas to oil (taking charges to do so). Mr. Heckmann's name, reputation, and money is on the line based on his statements in the last CC (listen to the Q&A). In researching the SEC filings (IPO related), Mr. Heckmann personally invested $15 million in HEK. He has skin in the game. In addition, Blackrock, SAC capital, and FMR have big stakes in HEK (Blackrock bought an additional 1 million shares recently). There maybe some bumps along the way due to acquisitions and growing pains, but follow Rev growth, EBITDA and Debt for true picture...

    • Unfortunately it makes all the sense in the world if they've gotten wind of a 5/3 disappointment. They'll be first to "jump ship" and look much smarter than their peers who downgrade after the earnings release. It's hard to believe they would risk their cred like this if they didn't know something.

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      • If they got wind of something why would they come out with a downgrade instead of quiet selling or shorting into earnings? I think there's definitely something else going on here...

      • If they got wind of something LEGALLY, why are all the other analysts unaware of what's going on? This company is not hard to analyze. HEK will earn something, 10 cents?, from Thermo Fluids and break even to a few cents from Heckmann. This company is small, not some monster conglomerate with international divisions and currency exchange considerations. If Landenburg Thalmann had high school students working for them they could do a better job of providing accurate info on HEK.

        Are these the same guys who downgraded AAPL a few days ago just before blowout earnings?

      • Lets wake up here guys -How can earnings be good? Nat Gas prices are at super lows....big companies have been chopping back production which in turn means less revenue for HEK. They were top heavy in nat gas and under covered in oil. Also, if the business model was sustainable as is he would not of purchased Thermo Fluids.

        I like the compnay and realized this is not a trade but a long term investment. Remember small cap companies have a lot of bumps and bruises along the way in the early stages.

    • ABSOLUTELY. I was thinking the same thing. Why do before earnings? They have no clue what May 3 will bring? Very suspect to me. This will get back to 4.15 range by Thursday. Great opportunity.

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      • au contraire ... they have an EXCELLENT idea what the report
        will bring .... these guys have beau koo time to dig for
        data , commiserate with each other , then word their recs
        properly for what they aim to do ...

        we don't have that kind of time , hence the many questions
        on message boards ... and , of course , some of the
        analysts' houses may have inside info that nobody is supposed
        to have ..

        one thing for certain ... in the week or so after ER , we
        will have a clearer picture of what the analysts' intentions
        have been ... g

        PS .. it's starting to look like the entire Nat Gas thing
        of the past 3-4 years has been a "Pet Rock" scenario ..
        later .. garce

      • They're going to look silly as hell on Friday. LTS not even on list of analysts who provide coverage on HEK.
        Management shouldn't care about stock price, only results of their strategy BUT this is total BS.
        Providing rosy guidance generally gets companies in trouble somewhere down the line but honest numbers don't lie.
        WHEN HEK releases information that everything is going better than previous guidance later this week we'll see a three month march back over $6. Mr. Heckmann and the rest of his team will knock the ball out of the park on Thursday. BUY BUY BUY!

    • my post about LTS...Irene