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  • pharmaherobm pharmaherobm Sep 26, 2012 9:16 AM Flag


    i dont get it

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    • In new business and Hek is new cash flow and growth is all that matters.
      If this was not, no business would make it: been there.

      I turn a profit in 1 business in 4 yrs and the banks were so shocked they offer more money without me asking fact. And yes I took it at a low low rate 4.6% lower.
      Hek is in a strong position at this place and time, right product at the right time

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    • as mentioned in another post that i made ... STUDY HISTORY ...
      I'm sure that you admire successful companies .. AAPL , Ford and many others .. had you been
      around , back in the day , you would have trashed them too ... for many of the same reasons .....

      just as humans do not start out as adults when they are born , neither are companies .. though some
      begin life under a VC umbrella and only come to public light when they are well on their way , most
      of the hugely succesful companies today ...... either started the same as HEK , or had an early
      burst , then crashed ... and over time built real businesses ..

      HEK is very risky and quite speculative , granted , but the greatest returns come from the
      greatest risk (not gambling) ...

      that's pretty much in a nutshell , don't put too much stock in the HYPE .. a la Cramer and some of
      the dreamers on this message ....

      one thing that i feel confident about , is that HEK will not be another AONE or AMSC .. later . g

    • Does anyone know what % of fracturing is Oil (liquids) as opposed to Gas with the merger?

    • Because you have no credibility or sources for your information, and think if you post a lot of CAPITAL letters in your comments they will become believable.

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    • so what are you saying? What is it worth?? All that matters is the price direction of the stock. If you only trade stocks with strong fundamentals you are missing out on a lot of money/. The whole world is a scam find them and make money on them.

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      • I will try to help...First the new merger is going to give Hek a growth rate of 100% year over year. Secondly, because this eliminates some competition their margins are going to grow quickly. When margins expand cash will be put in the bank. And lastly, Hek had no way to penetrate some market in the scale market place w/o this merger. Gets them access to all the markets that they could sell in.
        We could hit $7 by the time the merger is completed. GL

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