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  • litleelvis litleelvis Oct 19, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

    Who are these people who keep dumpimg

    50,60 100,000 share blocks..#$%$!

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    • c'mon , give us a break ... the damned media hypes everything like "reality investing" ...
      DUMPING ???? dumping implies large volumes , IBM had 1 day of large volume ...

      if you were to see dumping of IBM , there would be something like 8 out 10 trading days north
      of 10 million shares and probably a 30 mil day ....

      what you have seen this week , is some profit taking , .... remember , the market is forward looking ,
      some of the larger funds and insts are seeing weakness going forward , not just with IBM , so if
      they have a better place for some money , they lock profits , then buy in another sector ....

      after the run IBM had in 2012 , any investor seeking to keep the portfolio balanced , has to trim
      a few winners , then put that money to work in a stock(s) that he/she feels will do better
      over the next few quarters than IBM will ....

      sure would be nice to have some serious discussions , point and counterpoint on these boards ....
      there's a lot that everyone could learn .... garce

    • "Who are these people who keep dumpimg"

      They are the "SMART MONEY".....Most on this board including my good friend Gary is NOT among them.

      Our old pal "ONE' was part of the "smart money crowd".
      No better trader (especially short) since Jessie Livermore in his "hay day"!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to zarcontheprimitive
      • Hello ZAR and gary,

        How was your Hawaii trip Zar?

        Gary, any fishing trips, or planned?

        I'm 100% cash right now, just waiting for the election. Wow, I think Obama might get another term, Oh boy....We are in a huge mess!!!

        I'm just sitting on the sidelines and waiting for some direction. I do see a major correction happening after the election.

        Take care guys and don't fall in love with a stock..........Momentum trading is the only way, later!!!

      • hi Zar One is a good short trader in hek he had there #, but better than my man jessie humm
        (have not heard from one hope he is not to much like Jesse)
        Its easy to short hek going into exp fri for ages now just look at the strike and add the ask /bid and that is where it will close worked for months same with arna and 5 others its been like going to the bank
        and hek will drop comes nov. but after that?
        still long HEK and in the $
        GL zar whats ur thought on GOOG?