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  • drillbabydrilldrill drillbabydrilldrill Nov 14, 2012 10:59 PM Flag

    Something to ponder

    No matter your political persuasion, we spend more in two weeks in interest on our 16 trillion debt than apple and exxon profit in a year; the two biggest USA companies by market cap. Two weeks folks, #$%$ away in interest. Long energy HEK, Se, Su, Abhd, and defense Rgr

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    • Not shocking market is down 7% recently; we will have austerity in the near future; the money will stop soon enough or you can tell your kids about $5 burgers back in the day when they are $100, my grandpa used to tell me about .10 burgers:) only hope for USA is if we hammer our energy into capital; we are a service nation now; what do we make? We need everyone drilling, piping, transporting, energy globally To dent the debt approaching 20 trillion

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    • I know what you mean, drill. We had a surplus under Clinton and then Bush and his neocons f'd it up with 2 wars and unpaid-for drug benefits. But I agree with you, we need to get the debt under control just as soon as we get this economy moving again.

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      • You continual bush bashes are insane. More debt in 4 years than bushes two wars that congress voted for. You need to put the most blame on congress for the wars. The past 4 years is all Obama.

      • S the economy moving is key but I am a business owner I will most likely downsize as to much uncertainty and it is polarizing. Tax rate insurance cost of capital and regs are all unknown and more.
        Take a look of the list at companies downsizing stagers the mind taxes will drive companies over seas if it is to high u can do business in the US from an island today.

        Obama can create 1+mil jobs in energy at 100+k per yr but he hates fossil fuel he likes electric energy well that is produced with fossil fuel 97%
        We should have rebuild the grid with the qe $ not keep jobs for 1 yr, the teach a man to fish story. Sorry if I seam angry but this is not that hard to fix they just need to grow a pair if nads and do the right thing

        Also the employment # magically are bad again after the election and revised down what a surprise so much for full disclosure and change if u ask me its the same as bush BS.
        American s have voted well be careful what u wish for.