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  • gscgaryc gscgaryc Dec 7, 2012 12:19 PM Flag

    ? for chartist since oct 24th is HEK forming a cup and handle

    on a day chart or am i wishing

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    • Something is up with HEK. I just went long, small position 10k shares at 3.97. It took 5 minute to fill the order. Hmmmmmmmm, I see a jump real soon.

      I hope all is well Gary. Screw the insurance idiots and get your boat fixed, we have spring coming. Hahaha.

    • Take another look .. since Oct 24 ... i see a 4 teat cow udder formed ... very unusual .. i have seen
      a triple teat udder in the past , which presaged a powerful move upward ... i'm going to watch carefully
      and see what happens with HEK ...

    • You're are correct.... also, the 10 crossed the 50 sma. That's why i'm posting, I'm a technical trader and a major break out is about to happen.

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      • as previously mentioned ... T/A not so usefull for small companies or growth stocks early on ..
        to wit : check the reverser H&S , a classic form , back in April ... normally , one should expect a
        powerful upward move from there , but HEK experience a very long , rather steep decline ...

        how jump ahead to the past few months ... a very very solid rock bottom was put in ... as part of
        a long handled ladle formation ....

        i am normally loathe to make predictions of any kind , they lead to too many senseless arguments ..
        but if i was pressed for one with HEK , i say 2 -3 quarters to see how the new ac's show up
        on the balance sheet .. i expect very favorable and the stock price going over , but not necessarily
        holding to 10 over the next 12 months ...

        of course , if Congress should resolve the financial mess to the favor of the investment community ,
        there will be rallies all over the place and spikes much higher could be in the cards ...

        since the stock has performed quite well since the PF merger , i would have to say that the
        price is well supported and the RS is off the table , for the time being .. i am certain that the
        company added the RS vote just in case the price should fall to the delisting range ... a steadier
        revenue flow from PF should keep the stock price above 3 for certain ... garce

    • no such thing for a one day chart.........but yes, there is a cup with handle forming, especially with the low volume on the handle.........

      Sentiment: Hold

    • robertramish Dec 7, 2012 12:29 PM Flag

      early formation possible.