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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Mar 20, 2013 8:32 AM Flag

    Let the price be what the price will know there is manipulation attempts by both sides

    The fact is that although I'm a fan of Richard Heckmann, with Johnsrud owning 95 million shares he is now the head honcho. Actually Richard wasn't doing a very good job on the HEK legacy side when you look at the metrics of margins and just pure business fundamentals. Johnsrud on the other hand knows how to get margins and it was quickly apparent he knows how to maximize everything from fleet utilization, to equipment leasing and even trailer configurations. As far as I am concerned people can keep underestimating Johnsrud, but when you look at what he did at PF growth wise in 5 years, it was phenomenal. Oil is at $93, natgas at $3.90 and both have averaged over $90 and $3.40 for the entire 1qtr.......and people are still leary at what 1qtr earning might look like. If things were "tight" I don't the lads would be spending money changing the name and painting a fleet of 2,000 trucks. People are bound and determined to keep a wall of worry in front themselves...I instead see a yellow brick road...I guess it all boils down to what to do with your bricks. Long, Strong, Patient

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    • Well said bog......human nature seems to be that we are very conservative and worry more than necessary. If we look at the big picture here, then it is telling us that this is a diamond. We don't need to shoot ourselves in stopping from being successful. We are here to make some money and this could pop at a moments notice....I don't want to be left behind.