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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 May 9, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    If folks would pay attention to what's said in CC calls and do some DD they wouldn't get surprised.

    If you go back to the 4th qtr transcript, Jay said there were weather issues and the qtr was off to a slow start. ( that's still available @ seekingalpha ). I picked up on that when it occurred. I was also concerned initially when KEG reported as they made the Bakken sound like doom and gloom. But DD via BAS, SPN...told me KEG was full of BS as far as a slow down or weak pricing. Because Jay booked the NOL charge last qtr and gave an upside surprise, I couldn't discount something on the books to the upside. I reiterated several times I was sticking with 50/50 on which way earnings might go. I'll venture to say at this point in the quarter, nearing the halfway point, I'm expecting improved results based on information gleaned from numerous E&P's regarding the significant uptick in activity they have witnessed in the last two weeks of March. I'd caution anyone looking at the E&P's to really do your DD....a lot of the frac fleets, pressure pumping units, and workover rigs have come off of their contracts ( take or pay ) and are having to go against spot prices. If you don't really know your stuff you can into trouble in that sector. As for HEK/NES...the Bakken projection alone is from 700,000 BOD to 1,000,000 BOD by 2014, the Permian is where APA is going full guns, DVN in the Miss Lime, you can find facts galore the Utica and the Marcellus have already began the increase. Johnrud's said HEK would be hiring an additional 200 drivers this year. Do you really think if business wasn't looking good at present they would have affirmed guidance ? How's this...I'll make it a foursome, I'll join Mark, Jay, and Richard...and I'll affirm the guidance $750 to $825. I appreciate those cheaper shares...still got $$$$...still got an foolish and give me something really sweet ! LSP

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    • Cheap shares? That's according to you. Even Crammer says be careful, it's a "dangerous"
      speculation THE STOCK PRICE IS TOO HIGH - PERIOD. As far as the cc call what do you
      expect these guys to say "Sorry, we failed miserably?"As far as your projections are concerned
      it's self hype.What do you expect to happen, people reading your post will make you rich
      somehow? You're a smart guy. Try getting a job And btw, you want something sweet? Take
      Marie Fartaroma for some French onion soup. Give it a 1/2 hr . Then smell the sweetness

    • It was their for the reading and weather was a know issue that was my bad I will use my 3 day rule and look to add next week
      Today’s action is better than I thought it would be on such a large miss vol is high maybe capitulation
      We shall see LPS + road show