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  • hopeful200 hopeful200 Mar 11, 2014 12:40 AM Flag

    .....not long now....earnings due....

    any day. If we get a good one, we'll be off to the races, IMO. Even if the upcoming 3rd fiscal quarterly report does not delight investors in terms of 3rd quarter performance, management said last time (the 2nd fiscal quarter report from December) they had nice momentum going and were optimistic about it continuing although they cautioned slightly about any unexpected buying behavior from customers around the end of the calendar year....also, mgt. even said they were upbeat about fiscal 2015. They cautioned but said they felt good about doing well even with the challenges faced. Altogether, that pointed to an "extended" positive outlook.....for a year and a half (3rd and 4th quarters, fiscal 2014 and all of fiscal 2015). That's pretty decent visibility.

    My point is that it is a very good thing here that everything does not hinge on the coming report alone. So long as they at least do decently and sustain the longer outlook commentary, I think any potential pullback would be seen as a buying opportunity, because of the strong extended outlook. If managements' mild cautionary statement, from the last report, about end of calendar year customer buying behavior adversely affects the numbers any, IMO, downside might be the upper 8s and I doubt it would stay that low for long.....again, so long as management remains upbeat on the future. As far as what I really think, I feel pretty good that the report will be solid and the outlook remarks favorable; if that happens, I think the upside is much more than a couple of bucks a share. So, the reward to risk of holding through earnings is why I'm holding and excited about the potential from here.
    These are just my opinions; please others jump in....and best wishes to us again,

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    • Your reference to last quarter's earnings made me look back and remember that it was the positive outlook that prompted my decision to buy some. The price bumped up and then receded. "we have some nice momentum." I mean, who says that in an earnings release!

      The macro economic feeling seems to be generally positive going forward, so hopefully this is enough that their worries haven't come to pass in the recent months.

      Going into earnings with a positive outlook and trading below tangible book, holding makes sense for me. Whichever way the pps goes after earnings, it may present a reason to buy more.

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      • I agree with all......this qtr will not break us, the compnay seems to be firing on all cylindars, plus all their competitors have announced very good qtrs. It all adds up to sgma blowing the door off this qtrly report. Stock made a nice run into the 11's, short term profit takers and momo traders got out and we have based above 10. I spoke with the CFO, earnings around March 12th......fingers are crossed for a great report tomorrow.

        As kip points out, we are still 3-4 under NBV and the risk/reward is low......we have a couple more good qtrs and we might see 20 unless macro events shut us down.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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