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  • traventorsvan traventorsvan May 12, 2004 7:02 PM Flag

    Ryan is not the problem

    1. Sector is out of favor.

    2. "Speculative" growth stocks with high P/E's and/or P/S's are out of favor, see TASR's recent performance as an example.

    3. Stocks appear to be in a secular bear market.

    4. Zix's business model continues to be executed successfully, though at a slower pace than all longs and management had hoped for.

    Yes, Ryan could have alleviated shareholder pain by stressing how in the short-term the objective is not cash flow positive from operations but the establishment of MARKET DOMINANCE for both secure email and e-Rx.

    I was present at the shareholders meeting. At its conclusion, I walked away very disappointed -- even shocked -- to learn that Zix signed a deal accepting no transaction fees from WLP's PBM. On a short-term basis, I realized this would have a devastating impact on the stock price. Perhaps Ryan found himself with little negotiating power vs. MSFT/WLP...a scenario of damned if you do sign but even more damned if you don't.

    On a positive note, I also sensed management's genuine optimism for ZIXI's long-term prospects. Ultimately, this, not the terms of one deal, will decide ZIXI's fate.

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    • Seems to me that much of the frustration aimed at Ryan, (and SIMP). results from the pre-CC run-up to $18. Had Ryan advised that only 230 doctors had been signed up, - and not the 1,000/month promised on the previous CC, then perhaps the stock would have remained at around $12 and then fallen back to $9 after the CC.

      Ryan should have made some form of announcement re slow sign-ups/Blackberry problems etc., so that the stock did not run up. Many longs may have bought during the run-up, - possibly on margin, - in the expectation of the proverbial short-squeeze. Well the disppointment of low sign-ups exacerbated by no transaction fees from WLP, was anti-climactic to the point that many longs dumped, allowing the infamous Cuban to cover and reducing the probability of a short-squeeze favorable to the loyal longs. The sense of disappointment is palpable, resulting in a lashing out at Ryan & Simp. I do believe that Ryan should have given an update prior to the CC indicating slower than expected adoption, then much of the carnage may have been averted. Hopefully time will heals the wounds, leaving the longs only slightly scarred.

    • Results not BS, and this is not a market where all ships float.

      This stock has shown resilience for one so thinly traded so there is manipulation possibilities by the score here, and for short term traders that might show some promise, but management needs to get off its ass and get some of these cost centers converted over to profit centers and sell sell sell and garner business by stop giving away the product.

      If we are giving away this product it is worth what we got for it. That tells me this company isn't worth a crap.

    • You've been gone awhile but still a pumper. Alien you have some bad friends

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