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  • crazyghuzzschimp crazyghuzzschimp Jan 7, 2008 7:49 PM Flag

    anybody see this new 8k too

    Z also filed this 8k today

    This filing would have never been made unless the "selling shareholders" listed in the 8k exercised their warrants

    based on this filing, it appears Z probably took in another $1 mil in warrant money

    seems like the current warrant holders involved, who likely bought their warrants from certain 2005 pp participants, were not known to Z as holders, so when they exercised their warrants, it made Z realize that there were unreported transfers which necessitated amendment to the original s-3 on the 2005 pp

    notice that Iroquios listed 2.6 mil shares owned as of today, which I assume are actaully all warrants they bought from Amaranth for a song when Amaranth got its just due and went under

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    • iroquois shares are most likely a hedge against a l rger short position, and can now use those warrants as an additoinal hedge.

      they must have been pretty desperate, too

      at these prices

      looks like ricks gonna come out guns a blazin

      the settled shareholder suit clearedthe way for a merger and or aquisition to bigger business. The shorts KNEW this was their best last hope here, today. ( anybody wonder why the volume was higher than normal?? a few shorts covered perhaps, too??

      Glad I loaded the boat today, too

      bye, bye guzzi, you wont be missed, you insane bastard.

      I think they have a place reserved for you, with John Hinkley. catch .22


      Re: bottom?
      Maybe not. There was positive news after the close. A class action lawsuit that filed a long time ago was basically settled(reached agreement in principle) and Zix won't have to pay a penny(link below). I think the shorts new a settlement was coming and took Zix down, hoping Zix would have to pay more than what their insurance covered. The shorts guessed wrong!

      If Spurr gives an indication when the Aetna and United Health eprescribing expansions will start and an update on Google in the corporate update, Zix will turn back up real quick. Google Apps is already using Zix's encryption and a contract pr can't be far off.

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