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  • lakeshire lakeshire Jun 11, 1999 12:06 PM Flag

    All of our

    I'm just not having to pay as close attention as the longs

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    • Didn't anyone else pick up on the fact that the
      lawsuit that CUST settled was "with prejudice"? That
      translates that it was without ANY merit! Cook is clearly
      playing in an unknown minefield and his bogus lawsuit was
      just evidence of the emperor having no clothes!
      Leadership like this is steering this ship right towards an
      iceberg of disaster!

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      • smartashellandcanttakeitanymore smartashellandcanttakeitanymore Jun 11, 1999 1:31 PM Flag

        It simply means that CUST cannot file another
        claim based on the same underlying facts. This could
        happen for any number of reasons, including, for
        example, if CPTH and CUST reached some sort of agreement
        and CUST agreed to drop its claim. One cannot say
        whether this is good or bad for CUST, but I CAN tell you
        that you are making a big mistake if you rely on
        conclusions drawn merely from the fact that the suit was
        dismissed "with prejudice."

        Interesting how CPTH has
        plummeted since the claim was dismissed.


      • are not interested in anything but pure hype. It
        obviously doesn't matter to them that less than a year ago
        their heralded CEO was not even in the internet
        business, and then their first stab at e-bus was abandoned
        after a couple weeks.

        All everyone needs to know
        can be found by looking at what this company has done
        over the last year...


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