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  • peristentone peristentone Jul 2, 2010 2:55 PM Flag

    Number of Trucks Going to ONP Facility

    A short ton is 2000 pounds. So that is not 100% of 1500 pounds.

    You are wrong about 16 trucks, but my point is that even if correct number of trucks is 16 trucks per day, then are there 16 fully loaded trucks leaving this facility or not? The correct number needs to be around 30 to 33 trucks, but I'm forgiving your math error because I want to focus on the bigger point not detail.

    I'm asking if there is an elephant in the room, and don't focus yet on the exact weight of the elephant. Is the elephant in the room or not? There are either a lot of fully loaded trucks leaving this facility whose loads come close to 582 tons or not. If there are four trucks leaving per day and 80 tons leaving a facility that must be producing 582 tons per day to meet its revenue, then there is a problem. If there are 10 trucks leaving fully loaded per day they still aren't close to their revenue requirement.

    How can people not be talking about this issue and not be concerned about it? Who cares about the operating company at this level? That's a harder issue to prove or disprove. Counting the number of trucks leaving the facility and their load is easy to do, and it should benchmark production to at least 20%. Has anyone done that work or not?

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