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  • michael_anderson210 michael_anderson210 Jul 4, 2010 7:36 PM Flag

    Muddy Waters is Very Fraudulent

    1)1st ever report by Muddy Waters - no credibility

    2)Nowhere near the qualifications of all the analysts covering the stock

    3)Posted the report 6 months after visiting

    4)Rick Pearson was there with them at the same exact time and he has far more exp with Chinese companies and factories

    5)Weather was very poor around that time

    6)Eric Jackson visited in March with a very positive outlook

    7)ONP's auditors are top notch

    8)Muddy Water's disclosure on the report reads like a scam penny stock site and/or email

    9)No other person who has ever visited with them or has read over their company info(10-k, 10-q, etc) has ever come up with any fraudulent info about ONP

    10)They have a huge disclaimer in the very beginning of the article:

    As of the publication date of this report, Muddy Waters, LLC(possibly along with or through our members, employees, and/or consultants)has a short position in the stock(and/or options of the stock) covered herein, and therefore STANDS TO REALIZE SIGNIFICANT GAINS IN THE EVENT THAT THE PRICE OF THE STOCK DECLINES.

    Muddy Waters, LLC has obtained all information contained herein FROM SOURCES WE BELIEVE TO BE ACCURATE AND RELIABLE. However all information is presented "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND-WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Muddy Waters, LLC MAKES NO REPRESENTATION, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE ACCURACY, TIMELINESS, OR COMPLETENESS OF ANY SUCH INFORMATION or with regard to the results to be obtained from its use. ALL EXPRESSIONS OF OPINION are subject to CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, and Muddy Waters, LLC does not undertake or supplement this report or any of the information contained herein

    - I capatalized certain aspects of their disclore for further emphasis of their fraud

    11)Several videos have been recorded and shown with high appraisal from those who video taped and others covering the stock

    12)So many holes in their initial report and their follow up to ONP's response

    There is no way to come up with a conclusion other than Muddy Water's 1st report was a fraudulent one. Good luck.

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