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  • seasaw6499 seasaw6499 Jul 15, 2010 2:30 PM Flag

    Just called W.A.B Capital

    With all due respect, who cares whether Muddy Waters is the devil itself? the stock being discussed here is ONP"s stock, not Muddy Waters, and the question is whether ONP's representations are consistent, true and accurate. Muddy Waters has provided enough information in there report for you to independently verify. Have you called the customers? The suppliers? have you reviewed ONP's video and SEC filings and CFO statements, which show inconsistent statements and a reduction in employees, plants and production lines which makes one question their claims of large increases in production and sales?

    Disclosure: Short ONP

    A review of ONP's video and SEC filings, as well as statements by the CFO, are simply not consistent.

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    • I wonder whether you call the custom yourself.
      I have identified the prices of paper machinese from the invoice I received from ONP.
      I doubt your existence because you are quite within one week and show up when shorters begin to cover.

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      • Are you responding to me? I don't know what you mean, "call the custom yourself?" If you are referring to the price of the new equipment, ONP filed the purchase agreement with the SEC filings. Nothing in the filing states or indicates to me that the equipment is custom. It is very easy to make - one can create an invoice for anything. The question is whether the invoice is accurate - for that an independent investigation, which muddy waters claims they did, is appropriate. My question is - if you are challenging muddy waters, then have you done an independent investigation yourself? If so, do you have names and numbers so that someone else like myself can call and visit and verify. If not, then you are just providing conclusory statements without any actual support. If you just want to trust the alleged invoice that ONP provided, that is your choice, but I think the issue is whether the invoice is valid. by the way, can you post or provide the invoice to support your point?

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