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  • johnnyola1 johnnyola1 Aug 7, 2010 3:28 PM Flag

    I am in fellas, at 5.30 to answer a question....


    and to answer a question posed to me, here is what I would do to that scuzzball MuddyWaters, and ditto for waldomushman of this board: I would not just sue the boy muddy waters, Carson what's his face if I were ONP, that is too easy. I told you that ONP was playing defense, the CEO is way too nice a guy. I play to win and have crushed a hundred scuzzballs like this punk kid over the years in the legal system. I would IMMEDIATELY sue him of course, that is a no brainer, IMMEDIATELY..... AND I WOULD SUE HIS FATHER. I would get service of process on both of them at the Dad's address, because I would bet the punk kid lives there. I would also do an exquisitely detailed examination to prove liability against the father as a secondary actor for the kid. SUE BOTH OF THEM. The dad is a scumball anyway and you better believe, he knows everything that has gone down to spread the fraud and lies to spook the investors. He would be found liable under respondent superior or co agency principles, with some due diligence discovery. Let DAD get his with the civil complaint as well. Remember, the kid has no assets, he is probably living at DAD's home. And dollars to donuts, the dad is divorced. So he has a residence. He has assets that ONP can get to on account of the fraud. He is providing the kid with his base of operations. He is probably involved. Also, I would refer the entire matter to the Attorney General's civil division in the DAD and Kid's home state. It is a very convincing case. There are many kinds of state related securities laws that they are guilty of. A prosecution to ensue, and they both end up with felonies, PLUS there is always a restitution award against the criminal defendants. PLUS, if it is not paid promptly, they STAY IN JAIL UNTIL IT IS PAID. A restitution award of 5 million bucks as a token award, keeps them in jail, in a friggin cage, both of them, for a year or two. I would do the same to this guy mushwaldo or what's his face, or lives on this board. He can be in the cell next to them, with a big boy as his cell mate. BTW, a suit like this would help the space in general. Who is more honest, the scum at goldman sachs, or this very nice and bright CEO and his family and execs and workers at ONP? This sort of action would do wonders to restore the impression of integrity. Obviously, I do not agree that this sort of thing has no place in public markets. Yes, it would be a long term side issue, but EVERY INVESTOR WOULD KNOW THAT ONP SUED THAT SCUZZBALL FOR HIS METHODICAL FRAUD, and the legal system will assist when called upon. Throw a million dollars at this punk and his dad and the sleazeball Waldomushman or whatever his name is, who posts such sleaze on this board, and bury them in every way. They will fear ONP and reputable companies doing business in this investment area. Let them lose sleep for a year as they pay defense lawyers in the civil and criminal sectors.

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