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  • gqbadboy23 gqbadboy23 Sep 2, 2010 8:08 PM Flag

    Hard to figure out but I decided to buy

    So I've been watching this stock, doing my DD and reading message boards since the MW news first broke. I have been trying to guess like everyone who is right, MW or ONP? I decided to buy in and take ONP's side. I may be wrong and if I am, I'll just go jump in front of bus. If I'm right, I'll buy the bus and drive it myself. The reason I decided to buy in is because of these 2 things that occurred after the audit was started and MW's report was released.

    1. ONP lowered their guidance.
    They lowered it to a point where they are still making a lot of money. Some people (in general) try to make things sound better than they are until questioned. Then when questioned, most eventually back off and tell the realistic view of things. "I played with Michael Jordan!" Did you really? Let me see pictures! where at? I'm going to see him next weekend I'll ask him if he knows you. Then its like uh oh. then you tell the truth. "I didn't actually play with him, he was shooting around and the ball came to me off of a miss as I was walking by and I passed it back to him."

    So what I'm saying is I believe ONP lowered their guidance to what it actually is. That means it still puts the MW report to shame.

    2. ONP put up an investor website.
    Why would you put up your great revenue numbers on a website and try to influence potential investors while the audit has been going on for weeks only to know you will have to dramatically lower it weeks later. Once the website is up, investors can click File, Save As and save it for your lawyers to sue ONP later as exhibit A. My guess is they had to get some approval from their legal counsel before posting all that information and video for investors on that website. I know the previous financial filings are evidence enough but I just couldn't imagine saying to my employees, "look, the audit is almost complete so we need to create the best investor website to make it look like we're making money although we're not before the report comes out."

    The above is just me thinking out loud over analyzing things. There are other reasons why I bought in but those 2 reasons pushed me to buy. Of course, the above could of been ONP's attempt to push up the stock before the news comes out so they can sell and then run. I don't know... There are so many ways to see this, short or long. I chose the long.

    Therefore, the roulette ball is spinning slower and slower... It will stop soon and we will all know the number. I bet on black. And don't let what I have to say or others influence your thoughts about ONP. You only have yourself to blame for your choice. Good luck shorts & longs and choose wisely.

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